API Full Form

By | September 19, 2019

API: Application Programming Interface

API is an abbreviated form for application program interference. A request is placed on an operating system using API in case of an application program. The work is performed by the programmer. Anyone of the two types of interference is used such as graphical user interference or command interference. The operation is performed via a particular type of system such as operating system, web-based system or database system. 

API Full Form


  • The main goal of API is task completion and help in software development with the help of various procedural languages.


  • API in object-oriented languages work on simple fundamentals of object workings. It is expressed as a unique class from a list of class methods.
  • There are library and software frameworks that work on API.
  • For implementing protocols API is used.
  • In the case of machines that function virtually API can be and shared.

API works on specific protocols. API although it appears simple but it works on two sets of principles. The first one is information hiding which helps in the division of any content on a website in different groups. These groups are called modules. The second type is used for high-level software structures. This includes architecture building and concepts related to it. Maintenance is high for these programs.

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