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PHP vs Node.js

“PHP or Node.js what should I choose?”, this is a question of every front-end developer having some experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and now wants to update skills with back-end. Both PHP and Node.js are used to serve the backend of web development. Node.js is new to the web market but it is giving… Read More »

Objective C vs Swift

With the release of iPhones in 2007, Apple declared Objective C its official programming language for iOS (iPhone Operating System) app developments. Since the release of 1st iPhone, Apple archive many successes with it. In 2014 Apple introduced ‘swift’ a new programming language based on Objective C and C, for its iPhone app development. Now… Read More »

What is DBMS?

Information is something which needs to be managed well and a specific requirement of every company out there. In order to manage the same, the enterprise is requested to know its needs regarding information, acquire them, organize the same, check the quality and sources because the reliability of same matters for sure and the last… Read More »

Python vs Node.Js

Python and Node.js are one the trending topics amongst developer though python and node.js have no comparison at all on the basis of what they are supposed to do, there is one filed where the concept of Python challenges the concept of Node.js and this intersection junction what we are going to discuss. When it… Read More »

Python Global Keyword

In this tutorial, we will learn more about the global keyword and learn where and when to use the global keyword Table of Content Python global keyword Global variable across python modules Global keyword in nested function

Best IoT Applications

IoT (Internet of Things) heating up the current market of all gadgets. You can’t even imagine how much the IoT has affected our daily lives. From our smartphones to the smart appliances in our home, IoT is everywhere.  Everything that can access through internet and can be controlled by a platform comes under IoT. With… Read More »