How to Implement Classification In Machine Learning

Introduction to Classification in ML Classification is one of the most important types of supervised learning algorithms. In a supervised learning algorithm, the machine learns from a supervisor to give output for new observations or a new set of data. In classification, data is categorised into several classes based on known labels (classes, targets or categories). The machine… Read More »

PHP File System Functions

PHP supports some functions that enable us to access and manipulate with the file system. These functions require some runtime configuration settings that can be done in the php.ini file. Below is the list of settings that you can make in the php.ini file. Name Default Changeable Changelog allow_url_fopen “1” PHP_INI_ALL PHP_INI_ALL in PHP <= 4.3.4. PHP_INI_SYSTEM in… Read More »

PHP MySQL Functions

PHP supports many functions that will provide you with access to the MySQLi database server. PHP version 5.0.0 comes with the MySQLi extension and version 5.3.0 has the native driver for the MySQLi. PHP functions for MySQLi mysqli affected rows This function will return the number of affected rows from the previous SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, REPLACE, or DELETE… Read More »

PHP String Functions

Core PHP supports the string functions and it will require no installation for these functions to work. Below is the list of all string functions that you can use with PHP. Functions Addcslashes This function will provide you with the backslash string Syntax string addcslashes ( string $str , string $charlist ) Example <?php echo addcslashes(“Foo[‘.’]”, ‘z..A’); ?>… Read More »