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ICT Full Form

ICT represents Information and Communications Technology. It is an umbrella term that alludes to mechanical tools and assets (specialized gadgets and applications) used to deal with system-based control and observing, media communications, varying media preparing and transmission frameworks, intelligent structure the board frameworks, communicative media, etc. It incorporates any item that stores, recovers, and deals… Read More »

TRP Full Form

TRP stands for television rating points.  It is a standard used to know the popularity of a television program. It also highlights the interests of people in a particular show. Overall it tells about the most viewed program on television. The higher number of TRP is indicative of the large audience for that show. It… Read More »

ATM Full Form

The full type of ATM is the Automated Teller Machine. ATM is an electro-mechanical machine that is utilized for making budgetary exchanges from a financial balance. The major use of this machine is in cash withdrawal and finance management.  The ATM machine is already programmed to perform functions hence it reduces the labor of work… Read More »

KYC Full Form

KYC represents Know Your Customer. It is a procedure pursued by a money related foundation or a substance to gather the subtleties to set up the character of a customer.  KYC procedure was presented by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to anticipate budgetary fakes like tax evasion, wholesale fraud, and unlawful exchanges. 

TDS Full Form

TDS: Tax Deducted at Source TDS is an abbreviation commonly standing for Tax Deducted at Source, which is basically a tax collection method used in India. TDS system is managed by the Central Board of Direct Taxes and is governed under the Indian Income Tax Act 1961.

Full Form of SSC

SSC Full Form SSC: Staff Selection Commission SSC is an Indian organization that stands for Staff Selection Commission. Primarily SSC hires for several posts in many different Ministries and Departments of the Government of India, also hires for many subsidiary offices. Besides being directed by a chairman there are two members and a Secretary-cum-Controller of… Read More »

RSVP Full Form

A popular French phrase “ Repondez S’il Vous plait”  is the complete full form of RSVP. This in English means “please respond”. RSVP is usually attached with an invitation in the ending or it is sent as a separate card altogether. Whenever a person invites another person to attend an event hosted by them such… Read More »

VISA Full Form

The exact meaning of Visa is Charta visa; In Latin, it’s lit i.e., the document that has been seen. Visa is a Legal paper that is issue to a person or a stamp on the passport of a person who is planning to travel to another country.