Programming in C and Java to convert from octal to decimal

Here in this article, we have provided Java and C source codes, that ask the user to enter a number in decimal and convert it to the Decimal number system. Example: Input: Octal: 011 Output: Decimal: 9 Input: Octal: 20 Output: Decimal: 16 Input : Octal: 40 Output: Decimal: 32   Octal Number System: Octal number system has… Read More »

What Is Python Used for?

Right now, all the popular software service companies like Google, YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, and Reddit use Python for their live projects. Despite being the slowest programming language, It is the most popular programming language of 2020, and you can tell this by the use of Python in various domains. What Is Python Used for? Created by Guido Van… Read More »

SQL – RDBMS Databases

As we know that RDBMS’s are the software, used to create and modify Databases, and there are various RDBMS’s which can perform similar functions. Here we have mentioned some of the most popular RDBMS. What is MySQL? MySQL is one of the most popular Open-Source Relational Database Management System, it is named after its cofounder daughters “My” and… Read More »

SQL – RDBMS Concepts

What is Relational Database? A Database is a collection of Data, and in Computer science, there are various types of Database and they are categories how each database store and organize data. A Relational Database use tables to store data in rows and columns, it is known as Relational Database because each data which reside in the table… Read More »

Why API are Used in Cloud Services

With continuous growth in Cloud Computing Services many organizations shifting the development and deployment of their online projects to Cloud and adapting its features. Right now cloud services have become the epicentre for managing the data across the globe, from a single customer to the Organization with thousands of employee somehow depend on the Cloud services for the… Read More »

How to Write Pseudocode?

In this article, we will discuss the most common terminology we used in computer science called pseudocode, and learn how can we write algorithms using it. But before jumping to space where we will learn how we can write pseudocode, let’s first discuss what pseudocode is? And why do we need it? What is Pseudocode? A pseudocode is… Read More »

Unix vs Linux: Difference Between Linux and Unix

Difference between Unix and Linux is a prevalent interview question and many newcomer developers get confused UNIX with Linux because of their name resemblance, similar command features and applications. If we look at the market shear of Operating Systems, here Linux dominates over UNIX, however, both the operating systems can be used in various platforms for the same… Read More »

Best Front End Interview Questions and Answers

However, the role of Front-End developers is always underrated, but they also play a crucial role in web-development. It’s the job of the front-end developer to build such a User Interface which eases the surfing of a visitor. Earlier Front-End Development was just about HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but now we have a myriad of Front-End Libraries, Frameworks… Read More »

How to run a Python Script?

After writing a set of code or a script, we need to execute it, so the system can perform all the instructions which are written by the user. If we want to define a high-level program or a script, we can say that it is a set of instructions written by the developer, which require a translator so… Read More »