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Friend Function in C++

Data Hiding is one of the main properties of Object-Oriented Programming and in C++ with the help of access modifiers such as Private, Public and Protected we can alter the privacy of attributes and methods of a Class. In a class, if we have used private modifiers for the class attributes so only that specific… Read More »

Fibonacci Series

A fibonacci series is a special number of series which follow a pattern in which the next number of series is the sum of the previous two numbers. The Fibonacci series starts with two numbers 0 and 1. There is are two rules we need to follow to create a Fibonacci series: The series must… Read More »

DSA: Program for Tower of Hanoi

Tower of Hanoi is a popular math puzzle in which we have given 3 towers and one of those towers has n number of rings of a different shape. We need to move those rings from one tower to another and collect all rings in another tower in the exact same sequence. All the rings… Read More »

DSA: Recursion

In Programming, we have a concept that is super important when we deal with the implementation of trees and graph data structure and it is called recursion. Recursion is a technique offered by many programming languages in which a user-defined function can call itself again and again until a base condition gets satisfied.