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What is C?

C is a powerful high-level general-purpose programming language, it the most suggested programming language for the beginners. Speed is the main asset of C and it is portable too program written in one’s computer can be run on others.

C Data Types

C is one of the famous programming languages among programmer community because it is a building block of many high-level programming languages. With a diminishing future, C is about to become a part of programming history, yet beginners suggested to start their programming journey with C because its data type and structure helps to understand… Read More »

Write a C++ Program to perform arithmetic operations using switch case

In this program, we will use the C++ switch case to perform for arithmetic operations such as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division C++ program to perform arithmetic operations using switch case #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> void main() { clrscr(); float num_1,num_2; int operation; cout<<“What Arithmetic Operation You want to perform:\n”; cout<<“Press 1 for Addition \n” ; cout<<“Press… Read More »

Storage Classes in C

When we declare a variable in C with its declaration, we can tell some of its properties such as variable name, variable data type, and variable size in the memory. Apart from these three properties variable also possess some other properties such as variable Default Value, Variable Storage, Variable Scope and variable life. With simile… Read More »

Perfect Number in C

Here in this program, we will write a code which checks whether the entered number is a Perfect number or not. What is a Perfect number? When a positive integer is equal to the sum of its all possible divisors except itself, is known as a perfect number.

Call by Value vs Call by Reference

In every high-level programming language, there is support for user-defined functions, and functions are used to perform a specific task. The function provides modularity to the program and increases the concept of reusability of code, instead of witting similar code, again and again, we can define a function that can perform that task and just… Read More »

Objective C vs Swift

With the release of iPhones in 2007, Apple declared Objective C its official programming language for iOS (iPhone Operating System) app developments. Since the release of 1st iPhone, Apple archive many successes with it. In 2014 Apple introduced ‘swift’ a new programming language based on Objective C and C, for its iPhone app development. Now… Read More »