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C++ Data Structures

Using an Array Data Structure, we can combine many data values of similar data types, but what if we want a data structure which can hold different values of different data types, to solve this problem in C++ we have another Data Structure known as Structure. What is Structure in C++? In C++ the structure… Read More »

C++ Basic Input/Output

Every program we use must have some Input/output operations which make it more interactive for the user. In C++ we also have some standards libraries which are used to perform basic Input/Output operations. All the input/output (I/O) operations in C++ performed in a sequence of bytes which is known as stream. There are two basic… Read More »

Numbers in C++

In C++ we have various primitive data types to represent the numeric, such as int, short, long, float, and double. All the primitive data types which can store digits are known as numeric data types, and the rage, size and possible value of these data types vary from each other. Defining Numbers in C++ In… Read More »

C++ References

In C++ we can create a variable which can act as a reference variable to another existing variable, which means both the existing and reference variable has the same value and if there is a change in the existing variable then the change also occurs in the reference variable. Reference vs Pointer variables We often… Read More »

C++ Date & Time

In C++ we do not have a specific Data type to represent the time and date so we inherit the structure and functions from the C programming language. To use data and time in C++ we have a library which can represent data and time in integer format, and to access this library we need… Read More »

C++ Functions

A function is a block of code that is used to perform a specific. In C++ we have at least one function for every program which is main(). By default in C++, we have to make a main() function because the C++ compilers search for the main() function to start the execution. C++ Functions Every… Read More »

C++ Decision Making

Some situation arises in programming where we need to make the decision which block of code should execute and which not. For instance, if there are 3 blocks of code and based on the user input we want to execute only one block of code so for that we use Decision Making statements. C++ Decision… Read More »

C++ Loop Types

In this C++ tutorial, we will discuss what are loops and what are the various looping methods we use in C++ What is Loop in C++? While programming there could be some situation when we want a block of code to execute multiple times. In every high-level programming language, we have the concept of loops.… Read More »

C++ Pointers

Pointer in C++ is one of the most confusing and important topics and it plays a vital role in dynamic memory allocation, for a beginner understanding the concept of pointer could be a daunting task, here we have tried to break the concept for you in simple words, so you could have a basic idea… Read More »

C++ Strings

A String is a one-dimensional array of character data types which ends with a null value represented by ‘\0’. The array of character always terminates with a null value, so if there is a character array(string) of size 6 and it has only 5 elements filled, so the 6th place would be a null value.… Read More »