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What is Apriori Algorithm in Data Mining? Implementation with Examples

Introduction Apriori algorithm is a type of unsupervised learning algorithm used for association rule mining. The algorithm searches for frequent items in datasets and builds the correlations and associations in the itemsets. We often see ‘frequently bought together’ and ‘you may also like’ on the recommendation section of online shopping platforms – that’s the apriori algorithm! The name… Read More »

Python Data Science Libraries

Introduction Data science, as you must be knowing, is a field that involves a lot of steps that help data scientists derive useful information from data and make business decisions. Typically, the entire data science lifecycle consists of the following steps – Data collection – surveys, crawlers etc. Data preparation – cleaning, wrangling, processing, filtering etc. Data mining… Read More »

Introduction to Classification Algorithms

There are three main types of machine learning algorithms – supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement. Classification is a type of supervised learning algorithm in which incoming data is classified or labelled based on past data. The algorithm is trained by feeding it with different types of labelled data that can be categorized into different outcomes. For example, we can… Read More »

What are Statistics and Probability?

Introduction Statistics and probability form the central point of data analysis, manipulation, and formatting. Methods like mean, mode, median, standard deviation, etc. are used in almost all data science problems. In this article, we will discuss the most important and widely used methods of statistics and probability for data science. Examples and Importance of data Data is a… Read More »

Python for Data Science

What is Data Science? Termed as an interdisciplinary field, Data science is truly a field that consists of collection, preparation, analysis, visualization, and reporting of data to get useful insights from the same and make future predictions. For example, a company whose sales are going down can collect data from the time when the sales dropped and analyze… Read More »

Data Analysis Techniques

Introduction to Data Analysis The word data has been the world’s most popular word for quite some time now. Analyzing data means to make sense out of it by using various techniques and tools. For example, if a child has some problems in learning, you collect information from their parents or peers on their behaviour otherwise, and then… Read More »

10 Best Data Analytics Tools for Your Business

Data analytics is a process to manage and analyze the big set of data correctly to make it explainable, presentable for finding the conclusions. Therefore it is essential to have appropriate decisions through a sophisticated collection of data. There are various data analytics tools available for data analytics, and many organizations are using these data analytics tools to… Read More »