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What is Stack in Data?

Like an Array, Stack is an ordered collection of elements here the insertion and deletion of element take place at the same point. A stack is one of the most common Abstract Data Structures we use in programming. In the real world we often use Stack Data Structure for example when we use a browser to surf the… Read More »

Circular Linked List

As we know that a Simple linked list is a sequential collection of Nodes, and each node has a data value and a pointer variable which hold the address of the next node.  A Circular linked list is similar to Simple linked-list the only difference is, here the pointer variable of the last node point to the head… Read More »

Doubly Linked List

Doubly Linked List is an extension of Linked List in which we have two pointer variables, so we could traverse back and forth directions. It contains two pointers conventionally named, next and prev, in next we store the address or object of next element or node and in prev, we store the address of the previous object.

Asymptotic Analysis

With Time and Space complexity we can analyze an algorithms time taking and space-occupying efficiency, but time complexity and space complexity has their limitation if we take time complexity to analyse a linear search algorithm, the time complexity of the linear search can vary from best time complexity to worst time complexity.  So, to analyse the varying complexity… Read More »