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What is Django?

Python is the most popular language of 2019 it has the highest search on google as compared to any other programming language. Its simplicity and versatile nature make it more popular, from software development to web development python are everywhere. It has many frameworks which are used to make web applications and web pages.

Front End Web-Frameworks

Front End development deal with the structure and look of the website, everything that a client can see on a website is a creation of Front-end developer. Creativity is the priority of front-end developers. There are many tools and frameworks that a front-end developer can use to develop a great web page.

Java Frameworks

It’s 2019 and yet Java has the largest developer community across the world and is always considered as the most useful programming language.  There are more than 9 million Java developers who are contributing their skills and knowledge to its further development. The java Frameworks have given the race to reach Java to height, with… Read More »

PHP Frameworks

PHP is the most used back-end programming language according to a survey of more than 80 present of websites use PHP. PHP known as Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side scripting language used for back-end web development. PHP has some frameworks which are used to make web applications in a more productive manner. Though PHP itself… Read More »

JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript is one of the most popular languages out there and its frameworks are just popular as it. The developer uses JavaScript frameworks to make web application and as so far, they are doing great. Though JavaScript is used for front end development and to improve web user interface its frameworks serve the same purpose… Read More »