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HTML Full Form

HTML: HyperText Markup Language HTML abbreviates for Hypertext Markup Language. Hypertext comes from the word hyperlink which refers to the connection between the pages. Markup refers to the defined elements to be the layout of the page and the elements within it. The language combines both the features to make it Hypertext Markup Language that is used to… Read More »

HTML Cheat Sheet

HTML stands for Hypertext markup language. It is a Standard Markup Language for WWW. All the web pages displayed on the screen are made up of HTML. It contains many tags and all tags have their functionality. The tag defines the nature of the contents.


Every beginner who want to seek a career in web development always starts with front end web development. In front end development we use terms like HTML5, or HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Beginners often get confused between the terms like CSS3 vs CSS or HTML vs HTML5. Here in this article, we will compare the two most common… Read More »