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Bootstrap Interview Questions

Bootstrap is the famous front-end tool for designing web-pages, it includes all 3-basic components of Front-end developments which are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with jQuery. Many projects which based on Back-end tools, for their front-end design bootstrap, could be a smart choice, with bootstrap we get more of prewritten code and all we need… Read More »

OS Interview Questions

If you are preparing for a Technical Interview round, so you must go through these Operating System Interview questions which we have provided here. In Technical interview apart from problem-solving skills, your knowledge about OS would also be tested. In interviews, you might have to face questions from Operating Systems and these are basic questions… Read More »

Infosys Technical Interview Questions

Infosys is an Indian multinational company which is well known for its IT department. It could be a dream company for many Indian developers and a very good platform to start your career in the IT department. Here in this article, we have mentioned top tech-related questions that you might face during the interview. This… Read More »

Objective C Interview questions

Objective C is an alternate programming language use by IOS system for their applications. Apple-IOS use Swift and Objective C to build IOS software and applications for their different devices. If you want to land in Apple company as an Objective-C developer here we have provided the most important Objective-C interview questions which will definitely… Read More »