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Java Cheat Sheet

Java is an Object-Oriented programming language. It is the most powerful and widely used programming language. It is an Open Source, so everyone is free to use java. Available for cross-platform. Its byte code is platform-independent. Garbage Collected language The static type of language which fast performance.

C++ vs Java

C++ and Java both support Object-oriented programming and has an approach for statically typed programming too. Though there are many similarities between Java and C++, still contain many distinctions too. There was a time when C++ and Java were fighting head to head for the number 1 programming language, because of the Object-Oriented programming support.… Read More »

Features of Java

We can call java a revolutionary technology because it has brought in a fundamental shift in how we develop and use programs. Java is not only reliable, portable and distributed but also simple, compact and interactive.  The following features aptly describe the full potential of the language. These features have made Java the first application… Read More »

Java Frameworks

It’s 2019 and yet Java has the largest developer community across the world and is always considered as the most useful programming language.  There are more than 9 million Java developers who are contributing their skills and knowledge to its further development. The java Frameworks have given the race to reach Java to height, with… Read More »

Java Interface

If you are acquainted with the syntax of Class so getting the Java Interface syntax wouldn’t be difficult. Java Interface looks similar to the class but it is different from the class in many aspects. In interface you can only declare the abstract method, you cannot define it. As by its name you can conclude… Read More »