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What Is Python Used for?

Right now, all the popular software service companies like Google, YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, and Reddit use Python for their live projects. Despite being the slowest programming language, It is the most popular programming language of 2020, and you can tell this by the use of Python in various domains. What Is Python Used for? Created by Guido Van… Read More »

How to run a Python Script?

After writing a set of code or a script, we need to execute it, so the system can perform all the instructions which are written by the user. If we want to define a high-level program or a script, we can say that it is a set of instructions written by the developer, which require a translator so… Read More »

How to Install Python 3 on Windows 10

Python is the versatile programming language and over past years it has gained too much popularity among the Computer Science and Developers community. In 2020 Python has become the most popular High-Level Programming language and everyday new developers are associating with python and Organizations moving their project to Python itself. Python is created by Guido van Rossum and… Read More »

How to Install Python PIP on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Third-party libraries and packages are the main assets of Python programming language, the standard python itself do not have many libraries and packages for the developers but these third-party libraries give a boost to the python programming. Python is well known for its simplicity and ease, that’s why it also makes sure that you can easily install any… Read More »

C++ vs Python in 2020

It’s 2020, a new decade has been started and in the last decade many technologies relegated and many emerged. This cycle of dwindling old tech and emerging new one is not new that’s why it’s said in computer science focus on the logic and algorithms more than programming languages and technologies. Here in this article, we are going… Read More »

Python Developer Salary

Python is one of the most popular High-Level programming languages, and there is a bright future for python developers. It is a very versatile programming language that covers many areas of computer science from web-development to Machine learning, so it promises many Job Opportunities to its developer. When we say Job the first thing strike is the Salary… Read More »

10 Top Essential Python Tricks & Tips for Developers

As compared to other high-level programming languages python has unique syntax unlike other programming languages Python does not use curly brackets and semi-colons, instead, it uses indentation which makes code more readable. Python has many inbuilt and third-party libraries which makes python the most versatile programming language, Python also contains many tricks which comes very handy while writing… Read More »