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Python Developer Salary

Python is one of the most popular High-Level programming languages, and there is a bright future for python developers. It is a very versatile programming language that covers many areas of computer science from web-development to Machine learning, so it promises many Job Opportunities to its developer. When we say Job the first thing strike… Read More »

10 Top Essential Python Tricks & Tips for Developers

As compared to other high-level programming languages python has unique syntax unlike other programming languages Python does not use curly brackets and semi-colons, instead, it uses indentation which makes code more readable. Python has many inbuilt and third-party libraries which makes python the most versatile programming language, Python also contains many tricks which comes very… Read More »

Python List Comprehension

In this tutorial, we will discuss python list comprehension, with some of its examples. List Comprehension List comprehension is a shorthand to create a list using for loop, within a line. With the help of List comprehension, we can easily create a list from existing iterable data objects (string, list, dictionary, tuple, and set). List… Read More »

Python Matrix

In this tutorial, we will discuss matrix in python, and we also scratch some basic of Python NumPy module. What is a Matrix: In general, a matrix is a mathematical concept to represent equations in a 2-D structure, using rows and columns.