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Python Program to Shuffle Deck of Cards

Here in this article, we have provided a python program which can shuffle a deck of card. Prerequisite topics to create this program. Python Loop Python Modules Python Random Python Built-in functions Steps import the random and itertools in the program. using the itertool module create a list of tuples where each tuple contains the… Read More »

Python Program to Find HCF or GCD

Here we have provided two python source code to find the GCD or HCF of two numbers. Prerequisite topics to create this program. Python Input, Output Python User-Defined Function Python Recursion Python if…else statements Python For loop There are two common techniques we can use to find the HCF of two numbers, one is by… Read More »

How to Install Python 3 on Windows 10

Python is the versatile programming language and over past years it has gained too much popularity among the Computer Science and Developers community. In 2020 Python has become the most popular High-Level Programming language and everyday new developers are associating with python and Organizations moving their project to Python itself. Python is created by Guido… Read More »

How to Install Python PIP on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Third-party libraries and packages are the main assets of Python programming language, the standard python itself do not have many libraries and packages for the developers but these third-party libraries give a boost to the python programming. Python is well known for its simplicity and ease, that’s why it also makes sure that you can… Read More »

C++ vs Python in 2020

It’s 2020, a new decade has been started and in the last decade many technologies relegated and many emerged. This cycle of dwindling old tech and emerging new one is not new that’s why it’s said in computer science focus on the logic and algorithms more than programming languages and technologies. Here in this article,… Read More »