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C++ vs Python in 2020

It’s 2020, a new decade has been started and in the last decade many technologies relegated and many emerged. This cycle of dwindling old tech and emerging new one is not new that’s why it’s said in computer science focus on the logic and algorithms more than programming languages and technologies. Here in this article,… Read More »

Python Developer Salary

Python is one of the most popular High-Level programming languages, and there is a bright future for python developers. It is a very versatile programming language that covers many areas of computer science from web-development to Machine learning, so it promises many Job Opportunities to its developer. When we say Job the first thing strike… Read More »

10 Top Essential Python Tricks & Tips for Developers

As compared to other high-level programming languages python has unique syntax unlike other programming languages Python does not use curly brackets and semi-colons, instead, it uses indentation which makes code more readable. Python has many inbuilt and third-party libraries which makes python the most versatile programming language, Python also contains many tricks which comes very… Read More »

Python List Comprehension

In this tutorial, we will discuss python list comprehension, with some of its examples. List Comprehension List comprehension is a shorthand to create a list using for loop, within a line. With the help of List comprehension, we can easily create a list from existing iterable data objects (string, list, dictionary, tuple, and set). List… Read More »