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Types of Software Testing

As a tester, there are various types of issues regarding software testing, so it is essential to have different types of software testing i.e., Functional Testing, Automation Testing, Non-Functional Testing, Agile Testing, etc. In this article, we discuss all types of software testing in brief because every testing consists of features, pros, and cons. Types of Software Testing… Read More »

What is White Box Testing?

What is White Box Testing? This software testing is used for testing the internal structure, coding and design of the software. The primary focus of White Box Testing is to verify input and output flow through the application so that developers can improve usability, design and strengthen security. Therefore all codes are visible to a tester in this… Read More »

10 Best Penetration Testing Tools

Penetration testing tools are beneficial for identifying any security weakness in the server, web application, or network. These tools are helpful because they offer you the capability to identify any unknown vulnerabilities in a network application or software that can result in a security gap. Penetration Testing (VAPT) and vulnerability assessment attack the system in or outside a… Read More »

What is Software Testing? Introduction, Definition & Basics

Technologies and machines are entirely dominating the world in the present time because they are controlling almost all techniques and powering them. In this modern scenario, it offers the solution for all types of machines working to favour our needs. Therefore testing is an essential part of modern technology, so let’s take a brief introduction of how testing… Read More »

Software Testing Interview Questions

Software testing is the most critical phase of the Software development life cycle. The software application which is developed has to be a quality deliverable to the client and should be error-free. Testing is a significant phase of SDLC. It needs a systematic approach and foolproof planning. The errors should be recorded and fixed, and testing cycles should… Read More »