CGPA Full Form

By | February 22, 2020
CGPA Full Form

CGPA Full Form: Cumulative Grade Point Average

CGPA Full Form is Cumulative Grade Point Average.  It is a grading system, used to evaluate the grade of multiple subjects of a student.


Most of the institutes such as schools and colleges used this grading system to compute the academic performance of the student. According to the student, academic performance CGPA allocate them a grade from A to F where A represents the apex performance and F represents the poor performance. It computes the average performance of the cumulative subjects and provides the student with an appropriate Grade.

CGPA Full Form

Grading System

Percentage CGPA Classification
90% to 100% O or A+ Highest
70% to 89% A First-class
50% to 69% B+ Second class
40% to 49% B Passed
Below 39 F Fail

Different institutes can have different failing marking standards but for most of the cases its 39.

How to Calculate a CGPA?

To calculate the CGPA of student we need grade points, and these grade points computed from the marks of each subject.

Universities may have different grading systems, but here we have provided the standard grading system that many institutes follow.

Grade (Points) Marks
A++ – 10 points >91
A – 9 points 81-90
B – 8 points 71-80
C – 7 points 61-70
D – 6 points 57-60
E – 5 points 50-56
F – 0 points <50

Suppose a Student got following grade in 5 subjects:

  • Math A- 9
  • Physics B- 8
  • Chemistry B- 8
  • English B-8
  • Computer Science A++ -10

The CGPA would be = Average of All grades = (Maths + Physics + Chemistry + English + Computer Science)/ 5(Total number of subjects)

CGPA = (9+8+8+8+10)/6 =  8.6CGPA

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