These days developer only use high-level programming languages to create amazing software, web applications, and operating systems, because these high-level languages are easy to learn and even a non-developer can easily read the code and understand up to an extent what that code suppose to do.

We call programming languages like C++, Java, Python, JavaScript high-level programming language because these languages are more human-friendly & readable, and all high-level programming language use English. But Computer does not care whether the programming is close to English or any other language it only understands 0 and 1, that’s why we need a translator as, by its name itself, translators are the programs which convert the High-level language program into low or machine level code so the computer can run that program.

Here in this article, we will compare two famous translators Interpreter and Compiler before that let’s know what is a compiler and an Interpreter?

What is a Compiler?

A Compiler is a program which many high-level programming languages support, and it is used to convert the high-level code into machine language or Object code. Basically, it converts the human-readable code into 0s and 1s.

The compiler reads the source code and compiles it at once while compiling if the compiler fond any error it would not goanna execute a single line.

What is an Interpreter?

An interpreter is a computer program which converts the high-level code into machine code and executes it line by line simultaneously. Both Compiler and Interpreter serve the same purpose but both follow a different approach.

Compiler vs Interpreter: Head to Head Comparison

Compiler Interpreter

Object Code

It converts the Source code into Object code file and saves it It does not save the Object code file


The compiler runs programs faster The interpreter works slow as compare to Compiler


It follows the translation linking-loading Model It follows Interpretation Method.

exe program

It can generate exe program. It does not generate exe program

Program Execution

The program execution in Compiler divide into many phases first the program gets compiled completely and then execute. Execution is an integral part of Interpreter. An interpreter read and execute the code lines simultaneously


The compiler shows all the error at once Interpret shown only one error at a time

Dynamic programming

The compiler does not support Dynamic programming Interpreter Supports dynamic programming


It generates intermediate code It does not generate code

Programming language supports

Programming languages like C, C++, C# Java Uses compiler Perl, Python, PHP uses an interpreter

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