Full-Form of India

By | September 29, 2019

India it’s not a word, not an acronym its a place full of emotions. So, it doesn’t have any full form. Being the seventh-largest country by area and population the country has the swarming democracy in the world from the Indian Ocean to the south, to the Arabian Sea on the west covering the bay of Bengal on the southeast it proves to be the place full of diversity, value, and happiness.

Full-Form of India

India, this word was derived from one of the old Persian word i.e “Hindu” from Sanskrit Sindu.
There was also a river named Indus. Greeks also used to call people on the other side of the Indus river as Indoi. Further, it was altered as the name India.

When it comes to the full form of INDIA there are no such framed words but we can create one interesting full form for you:-

  • I: Incredible
  • N: National
  • D: Democratic
  • I: Intelligent
  • A: Ascension

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