The full form of OTG: On The Go 

By | September 29, 2019

It is a description that was first used in the year 2001. It helps the USB devices such as tablets and smartphones to perform like a host so that the other USB devices such as Digital cameras, Mouse, radio or the keyboard could get connected to them.

OTG Full Form

It is very famous among mobile users as it helps people to make use of their mobile phones as a portable computer. OTG is the outcome of the increased need for making portable devices increase communication among people. For using this feature there should be an OTG host support present in your device that can help you in connecting with an OTG cable to your mobile device and connect your mobile with a USB device such as the digital camera, radio, mobile, and flash drive, etc.

Therefore, USB OTG devices help in communication with one another without the use of PC. For example, a speaker can get connected to a mobile phone and also a mobile phone can get connected to a printer or the scanner but make sure all these devices should be USB OTG compatible.

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