GIF Full Form

By | September 22, 2019
GIF Full Form

GIF is an abbreviated form of Graphics Interchange Format. GIF is widely used in the format in which pictures and animations are available. This format was introduced in the year 1987 by CompuServe. GIF has been widely used since then. GIFS are available on the world wide web and it contains a bitmap image which is in the form of an extension file, gif. A technique known as LZW is used to form the gifs which have reduced file size. These files are independent of any other platform and are compressed in such a way by the Lempel-Ziv-Welch technique the image quality remains non-degraded. 


GIF Full Form

The format used by GIF for images is called an 8-bit format. This format supports a pallet of 256 colors. These colors are separate and can’t be mixed with each other in order to form new colors. This format is a widely accepted approach on the internet due to its easily portable size and clarity of the image. This technique is used for many artworks that are flat, needless amount of color and animations. 

Categories of GIF

  • GIF87a was the very first version of GIF. This was named so because it was released in 1987. 
  • The second version is also the latest version of gif used to date. This version is an extended form and is named as GIF89a because it was released in 1989.


  • Any art or logo which has a limited number of colors can be used in GIFS. 
  • GIF is also used for small video clips of low resolution and animations of small size.
  • A benefit of GIF is that it provides a well-colored flat area of uniform color. The gif is reduced by an LZW technique. This technique ensures no data is lost. 
  • GIF is also present in Games.
  • An additional benefit of GIF is it can be used on a website because it blends with website background. 

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