ICSE Full Form

By | October 12, 2019
ICSE Full Form

ICSE also is known as the Indian Certificate Of Secondary Education is a council in India that conducts the examination. This council is known as the council of the Indian school certificate examination. ICSE is a non- government organization i.e. it is a private organization that is affiliated for the board in the examination of class 10th. The ICSE has the main aim to fulfill the New education policy that was recommended for education in 1986. Many schools are affiliated by the ICSE since then. The ICSC board works exclusively in English only. This board doesn’t enroll any private students. Only regular students who enroll in ICSE can give the final term examination. 


The courses in ICSE 

The course code of ICSE is broadly divided into three parts: 

  • Compulsory subjects

These include the core subjects of English, History, Civics and one of many Indian languages. 


  • A choice to choose any two subjects from the following:


These include subjects such as Science, Agricultural Science, Computer science, Commercial studies, Physical education, any type of modern foreign language or any classical language.


  • A choice to choose any one subject from the following: 


This includes courses of commercial education, physical education, Home science, performing arts, cooking, yoga and technical drawing applications.

The weight of each part of the module is divided accordingly for final results. The group one and two accounts for 20% of marks the internal assessment whereas the group three accounts for 50% marks for internal assessment.

Importance of ICSE board of education

  • ICSE is a way of education that focuses on the overall growth of a student. 
  • ICSE has a wide course that gives every course equal importance.
  • There is a choice to choose the desired courses hence flexibility.
  • ICSE gives a detailed overview of all the subjects. There is special emphasis on English.
  • The course and affiliation by ICSE are acceptable all over India.
  • The course is well-formed and present in the actual amount. It provides many skills such as problem-solving, analytical skills and thinking abilities to different students.

Difference between ICSE and CBSE

  • The course of CBSE is small in size and really compact whereas ICSE has vast course modules. It covers large areas of courses.
  • CBSC is an old education board it is therefore accepted by many schools and universities. ICSE board, on the other hand, is new as compared to CBSE. It is also easily accepted but not widely accepted.
  • CBSE board is designed in such a way that its main focus is on science and mathematics. The course focuses on preparation for Engineering and MBBS. On the other hand, ICSE has an overall equal distribution to all the subjects.
  • CBSE offers so many research examinations and scholarships whereas ICSE due to being new lacks as much number of the same.
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