LLB Full Form

By | October 12, 2019
LLB Full Form

LL.B Bachelors of Law

Originated in England LL.B has become the most commonly offered law degree in undergraduate courses among many countries with India also being one of them. For individuals who wish to fulfill their dreams and passion for joining the legal profession, LL.B is the foremost degree for students.

LL.B stems from the Latin word “Legum Baccalaureus”. The “LL” is the abbreviation for the plural legum meaning law. In the Latin language, they double the first letter to represent it as a plural.


One must attain a law degree that is an LL.B degree to become a professional lawyer. In India Law is a very esteemed and respected career choice and has been for a long time. corporate management, legal services and administrative services etc are some of the expandable career options after obtaining an LL.B degree.

Some of the popular career option after completing Bachelor of law are:

1. Practicing as an advocate in the court of law.

Working with corporate firms as a legal advisor.

2. Working with Law firms (associate)

Work as a solicitor general or public prosecutor or offers services to government agencies, Banks, Legal departments

Judicial exams.

3. Business and commercial law

An important thing to note here is that LL.B degree makes you a law graduate who can do practice in any court of law however it wise to follow LL.M which is a master’s degree that stands for Masters of Law.

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