SQL For Data Science

SQL is as essential for data as data is for data science. If you don’t know already, SQL stands for Structured Query Language, a programming language just like R or Python which stores and manages data in a relational database through the use of queries. For example, if you want to get a customer’s details… Read More »

Regex Cheat Sheet

When it comes to extracting information or pattern from a string there we use regular expressing. In a regular expression, we use the ASCII code to perform the matching sting operation. Many form validation operations are made by using regular expression when a user enters some information at the same time form validate that data… Read More »

Top 10 Python Libraries

Python is one of the trending programming languages with rapid growth in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning python has gained too much popularity in the past few years. Its simple syntax helps developers to implement the complex algorithms with ease. Python popularity is not only because it is used in Machine learning or data science,… Read More »

Types of Network Topology

A network is a collection of different systems linked through a medium, and topology is a method that describes how the systems across the networked will be mapped. A network topology can be also defined as the representation of how different computers are connected to for a network, so data is present in one computer… Read More »

10 Best Web Browsers for 2020

The Internet is full of web-browsers you might use only one web browser to surf the internet, but there are a ton of web-browsers on the internet which comes with fascinating features. All the operating Systems come with their built-in browsers. For example, if you have a window Operating system you would get a pre-installed… Read More »

What is an API?

This topic becomes so confusing because most of the time when we say API’s we narrow our concepts and only consider the web API’s that we often use in web development, but web API’s are the part of its family and apart from web development there are many areas where we use them. Here in… Read More »

Difference between C++ vs C#

Selecting a specific programming language for any project could be a tough call, and for a complete beginner choosing his/her first programming language is tougher and confusing. The selection of a particular programming language becomes more confusing if it has more than 2 variants if you are a computer science student so you must have… Read More »

Tableau vs Excel

Both Tableau and Excel are used for data analysis, and that’s why most of us feel the need to compare both the tools. Each tool has its set of advantages and uniqueness and cannot be replaced with the other. Excel has been around for a long time and we all have worked on it at… Read More »