Python vs Django

Python and Django both are incomparable on the basis of the Coding. Often people ask ‘How is Python different from Django’. If you have experience of python and you don’t know what Django is, it’s all right. Django is not an essential thing that every Python developer should be familiar with it but, if you… Read More »

Python vs PHP

PHP and Python both are the high-level languages but more specifically PHP is used as Back-end scripting language and Python is a Purely Programming language. PHP is only used for making web applications and Python needs Python Frameworks to develop web applications. When it’s come to making a dynamic web application, people often use PHP… Read More »

Best Way to Learn Python

If you are a developer and wanted to grow your programming skills in the modern approach of programming this article is definitely for you. If you have just finished your study and started coding to become a programmer then this is the exact place where you can enhance your skills and add Python to your… Read More »

Python Operators: Arithmetic, Comparison, Logical and more.

Python is one of the most popular languages out there due to the vast community and advance use of it. From web development to artificial intelligence Python is everywhere.  As like other programming languages, Python also has many operators.

Facebook Success Story

When we talk about the online success stories of 21st century, we can’t ignore to include incredible growth and worldwide change that Facebook has achieved. A website which is founded in 2003 by the students of Harvard University has gone to become one of the Internet’s top businesses with over one billion members as of 2012.