Python Time Module

In this tutorial we will discuss the python time module, we will also learn how to use different methods present in time module: Python Time Module Time is a standard module which is present in the python, and it is used to print the time. It is also used to handle the time-related tasks.

Float vs Double

In programming languages like C, C++, and Java we have two data types to represent floating points number. In simple words, floating points are those numbers which contain decimal points such as 5.000, 6.2123, etc. Both the real number and decimal number considered under floating points numbers.

Stack vs Heap

When we compile our program, it requires memory to execute, in high-level languages Operating system and the translator take care of the memory management. The memory that would be assigned to our program depends on the operating system and its memory management architecture.

Python Features

Python is the most used and fastest-growing high-level programming level of 2018-19. Every day more and more developers are accepting python for their projects. Due to its versatility python is everywhere from desktop software to Data Science. It possesses an insane number of libraries which provides python an edge over other programming languages.

What is C?

C is a powerful high-level general-purpose programming language, it the most suggested programming language for the beginners. Speed is the main asset of C and it is portable too program written in one’s computer can be run on others.