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Security Checklist for Mobile Development in 2022

Nowadays, every person is using mobile phones and mobile applications thus, mushrooming the mobile market day by day. There are millions of applications available that have made the life of mobile users simple. With time, each app is improving its features and making it more appealing with an excellent user experience, thus tempting people to move to new… Read More »

10 Best HTML Frameworks to Use for Web Development

When it comes to software development, we often hear the word ‘framework.’ Generally, there are two different categories of frameworks in computer programming – backend and frontend. But what exactly is a framework? Through this article, we will introduce you briefly to a framework in web development and the various types of frameworks. Later, we shall see some… Read More »

7 Best Computer Science Projects

Today, many students are pursuing computer science to get knowledge of data science, algorithms, system management, and web and application development. If you are a computer science graduate who is looking to build a career in the IT industry, you must learn at least one programming language, develop certain skills, and get familiar with various technologies. Along with… Read More »

Difference Between Git Merge and Git Merge –no-ff

Today, Git is widely adopted as a version control system. It is used for the efficient management of changes that have been made to the source code of a project. You can track the changes in all the files of a project. Also, Git allows several developers to merge their codes to create a single module. This gives… Read More »

7 Best Data Science Bootcamps in 2022

At present, there is a huge requirement for data scientists in the IT industry. In general, a data scientist makes use of specialized mathematics coupled with programming expertise for interpreting and processing crucial business data to facilitate decision-making for organizations. Also, it is estimated that the requirement of data scientists will grow by around 27 percent between 2019… Read More »