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Paritosh is a developer by profession and a writer by heart. He is working with Nagarro as a Team Lead and loves to write in his free time. He believes that anything that couldn’t be achieved by training can be accomplished by a strong will. Will to act!

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API vs Web Service – What is the Difference?

APIs and web services play a vital role in modern software architecture. They both are the means of communication between two different applications. Many individuals often use these terms interchangeably. However, both these terms are different. The primary difference between API and web service is that a web service facilitates communication between two systems or machines over a… Read More »

What is Data Communication? Everything You Need to Know

Communication has become easier and more effective these days than ever before. Also, the exchange of data has become more manageable and quicker due to digital networks. In general, communication is the process of exchanging information. For example, a conversation between two individuals is communication. But what about data communication? Well, data communication is simply the transfer of… Read More »

SAS vs R – What is the Difference?

Data analytics is a process of extracting meaningful insights from raw and unstructured data. To make the process of data analytics easy and smooth, a myriad of data analytics tools are available in the market, including SAS and R. Well, SAS and R are among the most popular data analytics tools used by data scientists and data analysts.… Read More »

AWS vs Azure – Which One is Better?

Cloud computing has become a buzzword today. It is the on-demand delivery of computing services, such as servers, storage, databases, networking, virtual machines, and analytics. In simple terms, we can define cloud computing as the delivery of hosted services over the internet. Looking to compare AWS vs Azure best cloud service? This post will help you with this… Read More »

9 Exciting React Projects with Source Code to Build in 2022

React is currently the most popular JavaScript library for developing modern web applications. To be more specific, React is a library for front-end development, or we can say that you can use React to develop client-side applications. Many JavaScript developers leverage React to create mesmerizing UIs for web applications and websites. Apart from being easy to learn and… Read More »

Keras vs TensorFlow: A Detailed Head to Head Comparison

Many people use the terms artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning interchangeably. However, for them, it is important to know that artificial intelligence is a superset of machine learning and machine learning is the superset of deep learning. All of them have gained immense popularity due to their ability to provide innovative solutions for various real-world problems.… Read More »

React vs React Native: Key Difference, Advantages Detailed Comparison

React and React Native are powerful technologies that serve as the backbone for many websites and mobile applications. Earlier, Facebook users could not view News Feeds and access chats at a time. To overcome this issue, Facebook introduced React, which is also known as ReactJS. ReactJS is a JavaScript library that allows developers to create interactive user interfaces.… Read More »

React vs Vue – A Detailed Comparison

JavaScript offers a plethora of frameworks and libraries that help web developers to create intuitive and feature-rich web apps. However, as the options are too many, several developers and companies often struggle to find the right JavaScript framework or library for their projects. Nonetheless, React and Vue are among the two most popular frameworks and libraries that many… Read More »