Sujata Gaur

Sujata Gaur is an engineering graduate who is a content writer by profession. Writing and learning are the two thing which is her passion. Looking around new things and writing about it gives another level of peace, this is what she presumes. Giving words to your thoughts is creativity and so she is creative. She has an interest in researching new ideologies and creating its content so as to make it easy and understanding.

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Python Recursion

In this tutorial, we will discuss what are recursive functions and how to create them in python and why we need them. so let’s discuss Python Recursion. Python Recursion What are recursive functions? Until now we were defining a function and at the time of execution, we were calling it from outside the function. What if we call… Read More »

Java vs Other Programming Languages

Continue reading Java vs. other programming languages to know how the popular object-oriented programming language fares against some of the best programming languages. In this era of fast-growing technology, we come up with new inventions every day. Similarly, in the case of information technology, there are thousands of programming languages already available that are still enhancing with every… Read More »