How to format Java date using SimpleDateFormat

Introduction Strings are very easy to manipulate, and the String class itself provides many methods to play with data types and use them in different ways. We can convert Java date into String using the SimpleDateFormat class that provides many different formats. We can represent the date in various formats like mm-dd-yy or dd-mm-yyyy etc. How to format… Read More »

How to determine Java version from Program

Introduction Java has many versions so far, and with each version, some significant features are released. There are several differences between the APIs and how the code is written from version to version. That’s why to use some of the functionalities, we need to know which version our codebase is. For example, unboxing/boxing was introduced only in Java5,… Read More »

How to use static imports in Java?

Introduction My mentor always told me that it is a bad practice to use System.out.print statement, and we should rather use log4j to write messages to log files. System.out prints messages to the console. However, while we do our debugging and testing, especially on IDE, it is easy to add System.out statements. Eclipse IDE has a shortcut –… Read More »

Data Science Lifecycle

Introduction Data Science is said to be an interdisciplinary field that consists of many phases. Data Scientists require many different skills like statistics, algebra, probability, programming, domain knowledge, etc., to define business problems accurately and then solve them. At each stage of the entire data science lifecycle, data scientists use various tools and techniques to get the best… Read More »

How to open a file using Java FileReader

Introduction Both FileReader and BufferedReader are used to read data from a text file and display them. We will see how to open a file and then read text from it using simple Java methods. Be sure to be familiar with the Java while loop and for loop to appreciate the below examples fully. How to open a… Read More »

Difference between Data Scientist vs Data Analyst

Introduction When I started learning data science, I always thought data science and Data Analysis were synonymous. When I started digging deep, I realized that although data analysis takes up a considerable portion of the data science process, data science is still very vast and contains multiple disciplines. So today I thought, I should put my learnings somewhere… Read More »

Best Hacking Tools and Software for Hackers

The steady rise of cyber crimes and data privacy issues has affected many companies, including some big players like Uber and eBay. Therefore, securing websites and databases has become a need rather than just an option. To solve this problem we come up with the best hacking tools. To achieve a high level of data security, companies are… Read More »