What is VPS Used For?

VPS stands for a virtual private server. It is a server built up “virtually” in a parental server by the host. One parent server can have many virtual private servers. These servers act like dedicated servers but in general, are shared in one parental server. Now the question is, “What is VPS used for?” What is a VPS… Read More »

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting or simply hosting is a service enabling businesses or individuals to have a live website over the web. Just like in the physical world, one needs a store or shop to showcase their products and services to the customers, in the online world, one needs to have a specific space over the web to provide customers… Read More »

What is Web Technology?

Ever since the computer and internet have taken over our lives, web technology is evolving and upgrading but what is web technology? It is a mechanism by which computers communicate with each other and with the web servers with the aid of markup languages and multimedia packages. With the help of web technology, one can build a communication… Read More »

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting or virtual private server hosting is a server mimicking a dedicated server. The virtual server provides the amenities and features of a dedicated server but in a shared ecosystem. As we all know, one must need a hosting service for a website, and for the same, there are different types of hosting services available, namely dedicated,… Read More »

Best Cross Browser Testing Tools

Browser testing is critical for ensuring robust functionality and optimal performance of web projects. Applications that check the compatibility of websites or web apps over multiple browsers at the same time are known as cross browser testing tools. Having the best cross browser testing tools to test the compatibility of websites and/or web apps with multiple browsers simultaneously… Read More »

Best ETL Testing Tools

ETL means Extract, Transform and Load is a process carried on hefty data. It extracts data from the source, transforms it, and then loads it on the target depository. It includes the steps of validating, verifying, quantifying, and checking data for various critical data points. Throughout the process, the maintenance of data integrity and curbing any possible duplication,… Read More »

15 Best Text Editors To Boost Up Your Productivity in 2021

Many people use Microsoft Word to write essays, create formal documents, write academic papers, etc. Moreover, it allows them to format documents, add footnotes, change fonts, add images, et cetera. However, if you want to perform any complex task, such as coding, Microsoft Word would not be an appropriate choice. It is only used to create documents that… Read More »