What is Pyramid in Python – An Introduction of Pyramid Framework

Python has many web frameworks, and it’s always a tough choice for a developer to options down to a single framework of the most popular programming language. Python offers both micros as well as full-stack web frameworks. With microframeworks like Flask, we have full control over the web application flow, but we have to write code for every… Read More »

Find minimum jumps required to reach the destination

You are given a list of positive numbers. In this list, each integer denotes the maximum number of jumps that you are able to make from that integer’s index to the forward direction. You need to determine the minimum number of jumps that you can make starting from the initial 0th index so that you can reach the… Read More »

Docker Networking

Docker achieves isolation of containers by using some of the Linux kernel features called cgroups and namespaces and applies them to containers. But what if we have multiple containers and we want them to communicate with each other. For instance, suppose we have a frontend app and a backend app along with a message queue which must be… Read More »

Docker Swarm

Docker is a free and open-source platform that can be used for building, delivering, and running applications in an isolated environment. Docker allows you to decouple your code from your hardware, allowing you to easily deploy and share apps. One of the highlighting features of docker is that we can run multiple docker environments in the same host… Read More »

Introduction to Docker Compose

If your application has simple requirements, then it might be feasible to develop and deploy the application in a single Docker container. However, when traffic continues to grow, you might want to scale up your application so that system failure due to overload does not happen. In such a case, you might want to deploy your application as… Read More »