Python Modulo in Practice: How to Use the % Operator

In Python, you will get all the important arithmetic operators, which operate on Python numeric data types. And one of the important Python Arithmetic operators is modulo, represented by the percentage symbol (%). Like other Python arithmetic operators, modulo operator (%) operates between two numbers and returns the remainder by dividing one number with another. Here in this… Read More »

Difference between Django vs Flask

Are you looking to know the difference between Django vs Flask? If Yes! Then start here….. For web-development with Python, we use its web-frameworks. If you are into web development and want to write secure and robust back-end scripts, then Python is for you. Python is one of the most popular programming languages, and with its powerful web-frameworks,… Read More »

How to Install Django on Windows?

Django is a powerful and most popular Python web framework. It is used to develop robust and secure web-application. It has more than 52K stars on GitHub, which makes it the second most starred web-framework on GitHub. It is an open-source framework. And with Django, we do not have to worry about the hassle of web-developed; instead, we… Read More »

Python Developer Skills

Python is hot right now; according to TIOBE, November 2020 Index, Python emerged as the 2nd most popular and widely used Programming language. 2021 is around the corner, and it is the best time to learn Python. Only python coding skills are not enough to be a good Python developer. There are many other Python and computer-science related… Read More »

Best Python GUI Frameworks for Developers

In basic Python, we deal with console-based applications, where the output of our Python program is displayed on the terminal with a black background and white text. But if you want to make an interactive and graphical application using Python, you need the Python GUI frameworks and libraries. With the help of Python GUI frameworks, we can create… Read More »