BCA Full Form

By | February 14, 2021
BCA Full Form

BCA stands for a bachelor in computer application. It is a computer-oriented undergraduate course for 3 years duration. This is an affiliated degree course which is offered by any institution in India. This course is considered equivalent to other courses in computer applications such as B.Tech/ BE in computer application. This is a degree course that enables students to pursue higher education in the related field of computers or information technology.  Anyone looking for a career in computer science or information technology can pursue this course.


The main objective fulfilled by this course are:

  • Enhancing knowledge in some important areas related to computers.
  • Providing knowledge professional for software development
  • Developing different skills helping in problem-solving related to computer applications.

The major subjects in BCA

The course of BCA is a 3-year graduation course. This course is generally conducted in 6 semesters. The subjects are divided as follows:


Semester 1


  • Business Communication
  • Principles of Management
  • Programming Principles and Algorithms
  • Computer Fundamental and Office Automation
  • Business Accounting
  • Lab work and practice in the computer (OA+PPA)


Semester 2


  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Elements of Statistics
  • C Programming
  • File Structure and Database Concepts
  • Cost Accounting
  • Lab work and practice in a computer (C.P + DBMS)


Semester 3


  • Numerical Methods
  • Data Structure using C
  • Software Engineering
  • Management Accounting
  • Lab work and practice in the computer (D.S + RDBMS)


Semester 4


  • Networking
  • Visual Basic
  • Inventory Management (SAD)
  • Human Resource Management
  • Object-Oriented Programming using C++
  • Lab work and practice in the computer ( VB + C++ )


Semester 5


  • .NET Frameworks
  • Internet Programming and Cyber Law
  • Principals of Marketing
  • Core Java
  • Work involving projects ( VB )
  • Lab work and practice in the computer  (.NET + Core Java )


Semester 6


  • Multimedia Systems
  • Introduction to SysPro And Operating Systems
  • Advance Java
  • Work involving projects ( Banking & Finance, Cost Analysis, Financial Analysis, Payroll, EDP, ERP, etc.)
  • Lab work and practice in the computer (Multimedia + Advanced Java)

Eligibility criteria for BCA admissions

Every University has different norms for admission. The basic criteria, however, is a 10+2 level education from a recognized board if education. People with a 2-3 year diploma after class 10th are also considered eligible. Some University takes admission only on the basis of entrance examinations. 

The higher education of MCA is advised after BCA for better job profiles such as for the post of software developer, teacher, analytical specialist or Database administrator.

Scope and prospects

With the rise in IT and computer sector and services, the job scope and profile has been increasing rapidly. Some of the common job profiles are:

  1. System Engineer: The testing, development, and evaluation of circuits involved.
  2. Programmer: The job profile includes coding for software development.
  3. Web developer: As the name suggests, it is associated with the development of a website or any page associated with the world wide web along with its maintenance.
  4. Software developer: The work associated with the creation of software along with its maintenance, installation, and testing.
  5. System administrator: The profile demands set up and maintenance of the system and services.

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