5 Best C Books For Beginners (Recommended by the Programming Community)

By | February 21, 2021
C Books

To learn the C programming language, you must have a strong foundation of C which requires some specific C books using them you can practice and learn new things about the C language. Though C in itself is not a complete programming language and does not contain many important concepts such as OOPs, for beginners, learning C is worthwhile. With C you can learn the basic concepts of Data Structure as well as you will be able to deal with many algorithms that are very useful to start as a beginner.

Best C Books For Beginners

When you will go to face an interview, the interviewer mostly starts with the basics and focus on the Data structure and the concepts of the algorithm. With C you can easily learn the Data Structure which can be your asset for the future and can help you land a good job. For that, you need some good books to understand what is C and how it works. There are lots of books in the market to learn C but here we have listed some highly recommended books for you to choose according to you out of them.


1. The C Programming Language

The C Programming Language

The book was first published in 1978 and written many decades ago but it did not lose its worth yet. This book will take you through the basic level to the advanced level of C and make sure that you will understand every concept of the C language. It has many precise examples for every concept that makes it easier to understand. It doesn’t matter that at what level you are in programming, if you want to learn C this book will be your first choice.

This has more than one edition make sure that you get the latest edition.

You can buy it from here.

Author: Dennis M. Ritchie and Brian W. Kernighan

The first edition published on 1st Sep 1978.

2. Let Us C Books

Let Us C

Let Us C is an interesting book written by Yashavant Kanetkar. This is for beginners and those who found C complex. This book helps programmers to understand C Programming in an interesting manner. It contains a lot of complex programs which are written in such an easy way so that the beginner does not find any difficult to understand the concept of the program.

You can buy it from here.

By Yashavant Kanetkar

3. Head first C

Head first C

This book contains 12 chapters and when you finish with this book, you will definitely able to understand all the basic syntax as well as some advanced concepts of C. This book will teach you how to be a good programmer and how to write code in an efficient way.

Topics such as pointers and dynamic memory allocation will help you to understand how the memory works when the program run. The memory arrangement is the most important factor of any programming language and these topics of memory arrangement in C will help you to understand it.

You can buy it from here.

By Dawn Griffiths and David Griffiths

Published by O’Reilly Media

This Book Contains:

  • Getting Started with C
  • Memory and Pointers
  • Strings
  • Creating Small Tools
  • Using Multiple Source Files
  • Structs, Unions, and Bitfields
  • Data Structures and Dynamic Memory
  • Advanced Functions
  • Static and Dynamic Libraries
  • Processes and System Calls
  • Interprocess Communication
  • Sockets and Networking
  • Threads

4. Data Structure through C Books

Data Structure through C

Yashavant Kanetkar has written many good books for the programming industry. This is another good book written by Yashavant Kanetkar focused on a data structure. As you know that Data Structure plays an important role in technical interviews. With the help of this book, you will be able to understand all the basic data structures of C and how they work.

Data Structure through C contains all the important aspects of data structure and algorithms such as arrays, strings, sorting, searching, stacks, trees, etc.

You can buy it from here.

By Yashavant Kanetkar

5. A Book on C (4th edition)

A Book on C

A Book on C: Programming in C is one of the most selling books on C programming language. This book contains 752 pages and covers all the basic concepts of C. The main asset of this book is its examples. Numerous amounts of examples for each concept make the programmer ease to understand the concept.

By Al Kelley and Ira Pohl

You can buy it from here.


Features of the Book are:

  • The technique for illustrating and teaching language concepts.
  • Recursion concepts with many exercises.
  • All data types.
  • A newly added topic of transitioning from C to Java.
  • Practical implementations of each topic.

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