API Full Form

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API Full Form

Arpa Chatterjee
Last updated on November 15, 2022

    API full form is Application Programming Interface.

    APIs facilitate using an application or service's features in another application or service. In other words, an API is a software interface that helps to establish a connection between computers or computer programs.

    API Full Form

    API Full Form

    • The main goal of API is task completion and software development with the help of various procedural languages .
    • An API in object-oriented languages works on simple fundamentals of objects. We express it as a unique class from a list of class methods.
    • There are library and software frameworks that work on API.
    • An API is used for implementing protocols .
    • In the case of machines that function virtually, we can add and share APIs.

    An API works on specific protocols. It works on two sets of principles. The first one is information hiding, which helps in the division of any content on a website into different groups. These groups are called modules. High-level software structures use the second type of API. This includes architecture building and concepts related to it. Maintenance is high for these programs.

    Types of APIs

    Various types of APIs exist for operating systems, applications, and websites. However, the concept of APIs for websites is new, and that’s why web APIs are known as Modern APIs. For instance, in your computer system, if you copy and paste a text from one application to another, then APIs allow you to move and copy data from one location to another. Although the concept of API is as old as programming, now the website APIs have given a new identity. These days, mostly all websites use APIs to connect and interact with other websites.

    Popular APIs

    • Google Maps API : With Google Map APIs, we can embed google maps in our own websites.
    • YouTube API : With YouTube API, we can integrate YouTube videos and functionality into websites.
    • Flicker API : With Flicker API, we can access the flicker photo sharing community data.
    • Twitter API : In Twitter API, we get two different types of APIs; Rest and Search APIs. With the Twitter Rest API, we can access the core Twitter data, and with its search API, we get the Twitter searches and trend data.
    • Amazon Product Advertising API : With APD API, we can add the amazon product selection and discovery advertisement and monetize our website.


    The full form of API is Application Programming Interface. APIs make it convenient to work with different programs and applications. In other words, an API makes it possible to add some features of an application or service to be used in another application or program. In the present scenario, APIs have become essential to application development. Therefore, any developer, irrespective of the programming technologies and tools used, must have a good working ability with APIs.

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