Best Browser for Privacy [iOS and Android]

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Best Browser for Privacy [iOS and Android]

Anmol Jain
Last updated on November 19, 2022

    Did you know that many browsers can leak your personal data? Moreover, do you know many online marketers mine your data, use your browsing behavior, and target you for sales?

    We all use web browsers on our smartphones almost every day. Various websites that you visit daily might be targeting you and collecting your data and tracking your online activity.

    However, most of us are not comfortable with sharing our private information with shady and unethical websites. Also, using a browser that does not protect your privacy might be a problem as it cannot secure your personal information and browsing data. To overcome this issue, you need to use a privacy-focused browser.

    Since there are many privacy browsers available online, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Well, in this article, we are going to list some of the best privacy-focused browsers for iOS and Android that will improve your browsing experience and protect your privacy.

    So let us get started!

    Why Privacy-Focused Browsers?

    Before we get into the list of best privacy browsers for iOS and Android, you need to know the key reasons to use a privacy browser.

    1. Do not Store Cookies by Default

    Most of the browsers we use have cookies enabled in them. This means that whenever you search for something on the web, the search results you get are based on your interest and browsing activities. So, these browsers only offer biased results.

    The privacy-based browsers will show unbiased results every time you search for something because they do not save cookies by default.

    2. It does not Save your Browsing History

    Since the private browsers do not store your browsing data, you will not get any personalized results. You can always start from scratch every time you open the browser.

    3. You Have a Choice not to Share your Personal Information with Anyone

    Many businesses spend a lot of money by collecting your data, and most browsers do the same. However, when it comes to private browsers, they do not collect and share your personal and browsing data.

    Things to Remember While Choosing a Private Browser

    Although most of us use default browsers like Safari and Chrome, using a privacy-focused browser can provide us with a lot of benefits.

    Since many browsers claim to offer privacy, they do not do so in reality. You need to be very careful while making a choice.

    To help you find the right and best private browser, here are a few things you need to consider:

    • The browser should be popular and trustworthy.
    • It should offer privacy-oriented features.
    • It needs to have a privacy policy that ensures the protection of user privacy.
    • A good private browser offers cross-platform support.
    • It should be error-free and get regular updates.

    Best Browser For Privacy to Use in 2022 [iOS and Android]

    Now that you know the importance of private browsers, it’s time to discuss the best private browsers available for iOS and Android devices.

    1. Avast Secure Browser

    Avast Secure Browser is the best private browser that is available for Android, iOS macOS, and Windows.

    It is a fast and fully-encrypted privacy browser, and it ensures that your bookmarks, DNS queries, IP address , and downloads are safe.

    Avast Secure Browser also offers a built-in VPN. However, the VPN will cost you $5.99 per month. You can get a discount if you opt for a long-term subscription.

    The browser allows you to block all or selective ads, mask your identity, keep your data private, and make it difficult to get hacked.

    Moreover, you can also sync browsing data across multiple devices. Thus, you will not miss out on the bookmarks and browsing history. It also has an extensive store for add-ons called the Avast Addons, which allows you to extend the functionality of the browser.

    2. Onion Browser

    Onion Browser is the best open-source browser designed for iOS and is developed by Tor. It allows you to browse safely at no extra cost. It protects your privacy by blocking website trackers. It secures your website from getting traffic from insecure wireless networks.

    This browser only supports websites that use the HTTPS protocol and, at the same time, automatically switches to HTTPS-enabled websites. It blocks scripts and clears cookies and tabs automatically. Apart from this, the tool also offers other privacy-enhanced features.

    All your online activities are protected as no other eyes can watch them. Also, you can save your history to make your browsing easier and more effective. It lets you adjust the security of each website you visit as per your requirements and enjoy the best experience.

    As this browser is powered by Tor, it provides a high standard of privacy to users. The websites you visit in this browser are of the simplified version, and you can access them only through Tor.

    3. Aloha

    If you are looking for a browser that provides top-notch security and has an intuitive interface, then you need to consider Aloha Browser.

    It is one of the fastest browsers designed for Android and iOS smartphones. It provides 2x faster speed than other mobile browsers.

    Aloha Browser also provides a free unlimited VPN that protects your data from being transferred to third parties. The private browser comes with an ad blocker that blocks ads on the websites you visit.

    This browser enables you to secure it with a password or fingerprint. You can also manage your files on the device with its integrated file manager.

    4. Brave

    Brave is yet another popular privacy-focused browser. It is 3X faster than Chrome and offers extensive protection from Google and other tech companies that track your data.

    The browser blocks all annoying and creepy ads. Moreover, it also blocks the retargeting ads that follow you everywhere across the web.

    Brave browser allows you to use the incognito window, private search, and VPN. Moreover, it lets you import bookmarks, extensions, saved passwords, and other data from your old browser safely and quickly in just 60 seconds.

    Additionally, it can block all the website cookies and protects you from malware, phishing, and bounce tracking.

    5. Mozilla Firefox

    One of the oldest and most widely used browsers on our list is Firefox Mozilla. Since its inception, it has improved a lot to provide a better user experience to its users. The browser can block over 2000 trackers that retarget you everywhere across the web.

    It is a blazing fast browser with no shady privacy policies or back doors for advertisers. Being available in more than 90 languages, this browser can run on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.

    With Firefox, you can sync your passwords, browsing history, and bookmarks across multiple devices. One unique feature of this tool is that it stops Facebook from tracking your activity. Also, it blocks annoying ads to ensure a smooth browsing experience.

    More interestingly, it consumes less memory than Google Chrome, allowing other programs on your system to run fastly and efficiently. The private browsing feature lets you browse securely as it deletes cookie data and browsing history as you close it every time.

    6. Tor Browser

    Tor Browser is one of the most popular privacy-focused browsers which is available for Android smartphones.

    It is a widely used and robust tool that provides extensive privacy and freedom while browsing the web. Since Tor receives donations from various sources, it is free to use.

    Tor browser blocks all third-party trackers and ads. Moreover, it clears all the cookies and cache after every session. The browser also prevents people from tracing your connection. It is not recommended to install additional add-ons or plugins in Tor because they may bypass Tor and compromise your security.

    Tor Browser is the best option if you are looking for a popular browser that offers enhanced privacy, blocks ads, and provides an easy-to-use interface.

    7. DuckDuckGo

    DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused browser that focuses on providing extensive online privacy. It is also known for its speed and privacy features.

    One well-known feature of this browser is that it clears all the tabs and browsing data in just one click. It can also block all the hidden third-party trackers that track your online activity.

    One unique feature of DuckDuckGo is that it lets you know if the website you are browsing uses an HTTPS connection or not. It also protects your data from hackers.

    The DuckDuckGo browser comes with the Global Privacy Standard (GPC) standard that offers extra security in circumstances where you visit websites that sell your personal information for financial gain. Whenever you enable GPC, it signals to all the websites you visit a preference for security and privacy.

    8. Private Browsing Web Browser

    The private Browsing web browser is a full-screen incognito browser designed especially for iOS that uses over 13% viewing area.

    All the browsing history, cookies, and cache are deleted after every session. Moreover, the browser uses the same Safari backend offering maximum speed, reliability, and security.

    This browser provides support for both portrait and landscape views. Also, the interface is similar to Safari. You will find a hidden status bar that offers extra space. Since the browser does not offer auto-suggest and auto-fill-in options, your personal data is not being saved by the browsers and is secure.

    The most admirable part of this browser is that it does not display any ads while being completely free to use. You can download this browser on iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

    9. Snap Search

    Snap Search is a privacy-focused browser designed for Android smartphones. It aims to provide users with the "Super Incognito Mode,” where everything you surf, including history and cookies, gets automatically deleted.

    Like every other browser on this list, Snap Search does not track your online activities. It can block ads placed on websites, which improves the user experience. Apart from blocking ads, it also blocks third-party trackers.

    The other features of Snap Search include the following ones:

    • It provides a reader mode and dark mode for websites.
    • It allows you to save web pages offline.
    • You can access its integrated VPN proxy.
    • It also has an in-built Tor that allows you to browse securely.
    • You can use Snap Search to download videos from various video-streaming platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

    10. Ghostery Browser

    Although Ghostery Privacy Browser is not a popular privacy-focused browser, it offers high-end security and an intuitive user interface. The browser uses the older version of Firefox and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

    If you want to browse safely and fastly with fewer ads, this browser is an ideal choice. The browser is not free to use. It charges $3.99 per month if billed annually and $47.88 per year.

    With this browser, you can block trackers and ads and anonymize your data while browsing. It comes with a cutting-edge web analytics tool to provide insights into every web page's real-time statistics and performance. Zero history tracking and zero ads make it a more good-to-go- browser.


    We all use browsers to surf the internet every day. One thing that bothers most of us while surfing the web is privacy. Although many browsers promise complete privacy and security, they fail to do so.

    Since many online frauds and crimes are happening every now and then, it is always recommended to ensure your safety while browsing the web. It is also important to make sure that any third-party company does not use your data to its advantage.

    The aforementioned list of privacy-focused browsers ensures that you get an excellent browsing experience by securing your data from getting leaked and ensuring privacy. Make sure to choose the one from the list that fits your needs.

    Happy Browsing!

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    While choosing a privacy-focused browser, make sure that it is popular, trustworthy, and error-free and offers privacy-oriented features, cross-platform support, and regular updates.

    Tor is one of the best privacy browsers that leverages an anonymous network of computers to connect to the internet. The browser has a slogan, ‘Protect yourself against tracking, surveillance, and censorship.

    In Google Chrome, when you open multiple tabs, the browsing speed gets slower. You may even face a lot of security issues and website tracking in Chrome. Also, around 2.6 billion users have experienced security issues in Chrome.

    Mostly, hackers prefer Firefox and Opera browsers to make their attacks successful and protect themselves from other cybercriminals.

    If you leverage a low-quality VPN, you can get tracked. Make sure to use a high-quality and trusted VPN to avoid getting tracked.

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