10 Best Putlocker Alternatives for Uninterrupted Streaming

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10 Best Putlocker Alternatives for Uninterrupted Streaming

Saptak Chaudhuri
Last updated on November 26, 2022

    Do you want to find an alternative to Putlocker? I think you're going to really like these excellent Putlocker alternatives (Movie Streaming Sites).

    Don't know where to find your favorite TV series and movies? TLC, HBO, BBC America, FX, Netflix, Cinemax, and every other major cable network's library of movies and TV series are all available on some of the top Putlocker alternatives. It's now possible to watch movies and TV episodes without ever leaving your workstation. You need not leave your house to watch a movie or television program.

    This blog post will help you get familiar with some best Putlocker alternatives. Also, it introduces you to what Putliocker is and helps you know whether it is safe and legal.

    What is Putlocker?

    Putlocker was a website that provided connections to several online streaming services where users could watch movies and TV episodes for free.

    The High Court of the United Kingdom and the Motion Picture Association of America have both been keeping an eye on this site for quite some time (MPAA).

    Putlocker was finally taken down after several ups and downs and URL changes. However, because of the high demand for free streaming services, other rivals to Putlocker emerged, all of which provide users with access to free online streaming video.

    Is Putlocker Safe and Legal?

    Putlocker sites have been taken down in large part because some of the online movie websites offering free streaming services are illegal. Furthermore, internet service providers (ISPs) and governments worldwide track what websites their citizens visit.

    Therefore, if you want to watch movies and TV programs online without spending a dime, hiding your IP address is a must before going to sites like Putlocker. To watch free movies online without being tracked, you'll need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) like ExpressVPN or NordVPN. These VPNs will conceal your Internet Protocol (IP) address and encrypt your web traffic so that you may watch movies without leaving a digital footprint.

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    In light of your newfound knowledge on how to avoid prying eyes while viewing movies online, I recommend checking out the newest additions to my list of free movie sites. These are some of the newest video-streaming platforms, and they have the potential to challenge Putlocker.

    Without further ado, here is the whole scoop on all the best places online to watch movies online for free, including alternatives to Putlocker.

    10 Best Putlocker Alternatives To Watch Movies for Free

    Here is a list of our best picks for Putlocker Alternatives that allow you to watch your favorite movies for free:

    1. SolarMovie


    SolarMovie is an excellent Putlocker substitute accessible today. It checks all the boxes for criticism, so you know it's safe. It is also dependable in terms of offering secure streams for your usage.

    The movie website has a beautiful design that you will love exploring. SolarMovie has a unique collection of movies to give you. The front page features the most recent and popular movies and TV shows.

    You may obtain a short summary of the movie or TV program by hovering your mouse over the listing rather than clicking on it. The ease of use applies to the search feature as well. As you write the letters, it will indicate the potential search results. The real search results are accurate and impressive. The site also includes details about the actors, genre, director, and country of release.

    User registration is not required; however, you may subscribe to emails as an optional feature. The commercials on the site are reasonable, particularly given the high quality of service provided by SolarMovie.

    2. FMovies


    If you like movies, you've certainly heard of FMovies, which is an excellent streaming service. For the time that the site has been up, it has done more than enough to earn a spot on our list of Putlocker alternatives. The homepage of the site is likely the most straightforward. Its gloomy tone effectively showcases the movies and TV programs. The site is very well-structured, so you'll like it straight away.

    The movies in the site's collection are listed in the top bar, with the year of release, genre, and IMDb rating supplied. FMovies provides the number of episodes available at the moment for TV series, so you don't have to worry about it.

    There are just a few adverts on the site, and you may not even notice them. Random redirection, on the other hand, might be a pain in the neck. On the plus side, you can simply put the adverts aside and deal with the redirection.

    3. 123Movies


    As far as Putlocker alternatives go, 123Movies is the best. 123Movies is far from restricted, despite its name. It has likely the largest collection, with a diverse selection of material ranging from movies and TV series to anime.

    Its website features a well-organized structure, with movie selections boxed off on the main page. At the very top of the main page, there is a categorized listing of categories, nations, anime, cartoons, Asian dramas, and TV shows. These categorizations make it simpler to locate the movies or TV series you're searching for, as well as any related material.

    It does not need users to register or log into an account. Aside from the very awkward initial row of adverts and a few pop-ups, 123Movies ranks towards the top of the best Putlocker alternatives.

    4. AZMovies

    AZ Movies

    Another excellent and reliable Putlocker option is AZMovies. Its website may seem a little busy at first, but that is due to its outspokenness in providing potential movies to watch. The streams provided by AZMovies are speedy and seldom interrupted by advertisements. However, redirects are fairly prevalent, with the majority of them originating from the site's main page.

    Despite its diverse content, AZMovies is mostly focused on movies. To assist you in navigating among the movies available, the main page has buttons for the genre, year, and TV series.

    The search results are particular and include the film's IMDb rating, quality, noteworthy actors, duration, and a short description. The movies offer many streaming connections, allowing you to skip unreliable streams and choose what works best for you. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

    5. Popcornflix

    Popcornflix is an excellent choice if you want to watch good movies without difficulty. The website will allow you to delve deeper than ever before into the world of film. It may give you cookies, but there's no harm in having a bowl of popcorn nearby. I'm joking. The site will not need you to sign in or register, so all you need to do is click on the access link, and you're ready to go.

    This Putlocker alternative does not allow you to view TV series, but the range of accessible movies is unrivaled. The majority of the movies, from classics to recent popular blockbusters, are available here. Whatever genre you like, you will undoubtedly find something to your liking. The quality of the movie streaming is outstanding, and the service itself is secure. The search engine is similarly quick in returning not one but multiple choices that are similar to what you looked for.

    Also, the adverts on the website may not be as bothersome as the redirection. However, since neither is common, you will not feel the pinch.

    6. YesMovies


    YesMovies is a popular streaming service with many positive features that lead us to recommend it as a viable Putlocker alternative. When you join up for a free account, you will be able to access HD material for free and, where available, 4K content.

    Its main page is user-friendly due to its simple structure. The search box is prominent on the front page, leading you to a universe of watching information. The search results are well-organized, and it just takes a cursor glide over a video to learn more about it. You may refine your search results by genre, country, and whether you're searching for a movie or a series. The commercials aren't too intrusive, providing you with a decent streaming experience.

    7. Tubi TV

    Tubi TV

    Tubi TV is a free movie and TV program streaming website dedicated to offering an exceptional HD streaming experience. You may visit its website and browse through frequently updated lists of movies and TV series from almost any genre. There's plenty of action, anime, comedy, criminal, thriller, and lifestyle entertainment to select from here.

    The site offers an optional signup button, but you may still view TV series and movies without registering. To sync your data across several devices, however, you must be signed in to an account. Tubi TV collaborates with its content suppliers to show bespoke advertising, which is the site's principal source of revenue.

    Because the site only offers legally permitted movies and TV series, certain searches may not provide the desired results. However, any length should not be limited by this. You still have access to a large library of over 20,000 movies.

    8. Los Movies

    Los Movies

    Los Movies is exactly what its name implies: it solely provides movie streaming. It will not need you to register before providing you access to its collection of over 2500 pages of movie material.

    The website marks the quality of the video, which you can view as you scroll down the webpage. Even if the search results are not as detailed as one would hope, the categorization on the main page is sufficient to help you narrow down your search. While it won't take you directly to what you're looking for, it will help you find it.

    The click-through advertisements are fairly frequent and invasive, which Los Movies might improve on. If you can look beyond this, you'll find an incredible movie selection to appreciate.

    9. Primewire


    When looking for a site that is similar to Putlocker, one may also consider Primewire. The greatest aspect is that it's completely free, with the only drawback being that it constantly pops up adverts. The software's user interface is very much like that of video streaming services.

    User anonymity, absence of monitoring, absence of viruses, and absence of annoying commercial breaks are the site's main draws. I all, what more could you ask for from a totally free online space? You may search for specific terms or use filters to narrow your results. All of the films and TV shows here may be seen in crisp 1080p HD.

    10. MoviesJoy


    MoviesJoy has made its way into our list of the finest websites that are alternatives to Putlocker due to the fact that it maintains a database that is often updated and enables free online streaming of HD movies, web-based series and movies, and even television shows.

    With MoviesJoy, watching the newest HD movies and TV episodes online is a piece of cake. There is a search box at the very top of the home page, where users may input the titles of relevant movies or shows, in addition to other helpful keywords, in order to conduct an easy search for such items.

    You can watch movies and TV shows from all over the globe since there is such a vast selection of genres to choose from. This streaming website offers a substantial selection of films in languages other than English, all of which have subtitles in that language.


    Movie fans who want only the finest from their viewing experience should subscribe to a reputable streaming service. Since there seem to be no longer any Putlocker sites online, it is essential that a suitable substitute be identified that is both legal and capable of freely streaming TV series and movies.

    If the Putlocker site you normally use suddenly goes down, don't worry; we've compiled a list of some of the top alternatives so you'll still have somewhere to watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

    Remember always to use a virtual private network (VPN) to conceal your online activity and keep yourself secure, no matter what site you're on.

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    While some content on Putlocker is legally shared, some files are uploaded without permission, and hence, it violates copyright laws. As a result, when you stream this copyright-infringement content, you face legal issues. So, it is advisable to use a high-quality and trusted VPN.

    No, Putlockers is not closed down. Even though the British High Court issued to close down the company, it is running by using different domain addresses, such as Putlockers.is and Putlockers.ch.

    Yes, it is always better to use a VPN while streaming on any of the aforementioned Putlocker alternatives. A VPN does not allow third parties to track your online activities and allows you to watch the content anonymously.

    Yes, Putlocker alternatives are legal if you watch movies or other content that is available in the public domain.

    If you are using any Putlocker alternative to watch content online available in the public domain, it is completely legal. But, if you stream copy-infringing content, you may get into legal issues.

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