Best Screenshot Tools to Use in 2022

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Best Screenshot Tools to Use in 2022

Muskan Garg
Last updated on June 9, 2022

    Screenshotting, i.e., capturing a picture of what is visible on our device’s screen, is something that most of us do from time to time. Screenshots have become a ubiquitous part of our life.

    From sharing an error message with tech support to capturing some interesting article or meme or sharing conversations on WhatsApp or other social media platforms, there are several instances where we need to take screenshots.

    Many devices come with a basic screenshot functionality. On Windows systems, you can take a screenshot using the “PrtSc” key. When it comes to Android devices, pressing down on the power and volume buttons simultaneously will take a screenshot, while on Mac devices, you can take a screenshot by simultaneously pressing Shift, Command, and 3. However, the default screenshot functionality is quite limited.

    If you are taking screenshots regularly, leveraging dedicated screenshot tools is highly recommended.

    Here, we are going to discuss the best screenshot tools available out there. You can pick one or more of these tools to take your screenshotting experience to the next level.

    Best Screenshot Tools for Android, Windows, and Mac Devices3

    Here is a curated list of the best screenshot tools that enable you to capture screenshots on Android, Windows, and Mac devices.

    1. Snagit

    It is a tool developed by TechSmith Software Company. It is available for both macOS and Windows. With this tool, you can rapidly capture your screen and highlight the different sections of the screenshot. You can also share screenshots across various social media platforms directly from the app.

    Key Features

    • Users can add comments, arrows, circles, etc. in the screenshot.
    • You can change the size of images and add special effects to them.
    • It is available in languages like German, Japanese and Portuguese, in addition to English.
    • Snagit 2022 costs $72.43 and you get one year of free maintenance.

    2. FonePaw Screen Recorder

    FonePaw Screen Recorder is a tool optimized to capture video recordings instead of still images. You can use it to record gameplay videos, online classes, etc. This tool is available for macOS, Windows, and Android.

    Key Features

    • It allows you to record videos.
    • You can capture video from a specific region, with/without video.
    • The output quality of the video and audio can be set to high, medium, or low.
    • You can download the trial version of FonePaw Recorder to test some of its features. However, the premium version with all the features costs $34.85.

    3. PassFab Screen Recorder

    The simplicity and ease of use distinguish PassFab Screen Recorder from other screenshot tools. Users can capture and record the screen with just one click. In addition, it can run on both macOS and Windows systems.

    PassFab allows you to record the screen and webcam simultaneously. You also get the option to set resolution and frame per second while recording.

    Key Features

    • You can draw, add text, and add marks during the recording.
    • It provides an option to record the full screen or partial screen.
    • It allows you to schedule recordings that will proceed automatically without any manual initiation or intervention.
    • To speed up the recording process, you can bind the frequently used tasks to hotkeys on your keyboard.
    • Recorded content can be saved in multiple formats.
    • On Windows, a month-long license costs $14.95, a year-long license costs $24.92, and a permanent license costs $44.88. On Mac, the month-long license costs the same as that for Windows, with the year-long and permanent licenses costing $29.91 and $49.85, respectively.

    4. Camtasia

    Developed by TechSmith, this is a multi-functional screen recorder and editor. This tool works well on both Windows and macOS systems. You can create and record video tutorials and presentations in two ways: through screencasting within the app or using a recording plugin.

    Key Features

    • Camtasia’s straightforward drag-and-drop functionality makes adding various effects to recordings quite easy.
    • You will get access to its comprehensive royalty-free library of music and sound effects.
    • It allows you to add titles, annotations, zoom-ins and zoom outs, and animations to your recording.
    • You can directly import PowerPoint Slides into Camtasia.
    • You can purchase Camtasia 2021 at the cost of $258.75; a maintenance fee for one year is included in the price. After the initial purchase, you can upgrade for free to subsequent versions.

    5. Screenpresso

    Screenpresso is a screenshot tool compatible with Windows operating system. It is a lightweight screen capturing software that you can use to capture your desktop to create training videos or work collaboratively with your team. Also, you can edit the captured images and share them instantly.

    Key Features

    • Capture scrolling windows with their distinctive stitching mechanism.
    • You can spotlight an area, add arrows, text bubbles, etc.
    • All screen captures are saved to a panel called “workspace,” where you can access previously captured images and videos and edit them.
    • You can generate PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, and HTML documents.
    • Screenpresso’s built-in functionality allows you to share your captures to 13 different online platforms, such as Google Drive, YouTube, Evernote, Twitter, and Imgur.
    • It is available in 19 languages, including Russian, Arabic, Italian, and German, alongside English.
    • You can download the basic version of Screenpresso for free. Apart from that, the premium version costs $32.35, while a commercial version that can be purchased for your entire organization will cost $2362.88.

    6. Cyberlink Screen Recorder

    This screen-capturing tool is best suited for Windows, offering desktop capture and video streaming in a single integrated application. Cyberlink is a highly popular screenshot tool among gamers and streamers.

    Key Features

    • You can live stream gameplay on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. It is quite easy to integrate webcams and commentary into your live stream and record and edit your gameplay. You can also use custom streaming servers and stream from 5 different devices.
    • Cyberlink requires reduced CPU and GPU processing power, allowing you to free up more computing power for gaming and streaming.
    • You can add overlays to your recordings. This allows you to promote your brand or a sponsor or simply create a unique watermark.
    • You can bind functions like screen record, screenshot, and mute and unmute to hotkeys.
    • Provides real-time preview for your webcam and mic.
    • You can purchase a Cyberlink recorder for $52.29.

    7. PicPick

    This tool is a multi-featured screen capture tool for Windows. It offers customizable settings and the option to edit images and add effects, graphics, transitions, etc. Although it is a popular screenshot tool, it is mostly liked by photo editors and designers.

    Key Features

    • Annotate and highlight your images with text, arrows, shapes, etc. using the built-in image editor.
    • You can easily add effects, like drop shadows, frames, watermarks, mosaic, motion blur, and brightness control, to your images.
    • Comes with a variety of graphic design tools, including a color picker, color palette, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair, magnifier, and whiteboard.
    • You can save, share or send your images to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Facebook, and Twitter.
    • There are three pricing options for PicPick: you can buy the individual model for two machines at $ 29.92 per year, but for a team of five users at $124.66 per year, and buy an unlimited number of machines on-site at $1944.80 per year.

    8. FastStone Capture

    FastStone Capture is a screen capture tool for Windows. It is a lightweight and feature-rich tool that can capture anything on the screen, from windows, objects, and menus to freehand regions and scrolling desktops or web pages. It offers many features like edit, copy, save, print, search on google and upload on drive within the app.

    This tool allows you to capture the screen fully or partially. It functions more like cropping only the required part of the screen.

    Key Features

    • It can capture multiple objects and windows, including multi-level menus.
    • Provides global hotkeys to instantly activate screen capture.
    • You can specify the output destination.
    • You can run it from removable drives such as iPod, USB Flash drive, etc.
    • Its license is available for $20.00.

    9. Skitch

    This tool is a product of Evernote, and it is an amazing screen capturing tool. It is available for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. With this app, you can capture your screen and mark up maps, sketches, or designs on the app itself.

    Skitch also comes with character recognition and supports third-party app integrations. It also has a web app version.

    Key Features

    • Skitch is easy to use and comes with an intuitive interface.
    • You can annotate your images with text, arrows, highlights, etc.
    • You can upload or attach screen captures directly to emails.
    • Skitch is a free tool.

    10. Greenshot

    It is an open-source screen capture tool developed for Windows. It is hosted on GitHub and is also available for macOS as proprietary software that you can download from the Apple Store.

    Project managers, testers, and developers commonly use it. The most exciting part of this tool is that it is available in 33 languages.


    • Comes with a built-in image editor.
    • You can send captures directly to printers, email services, etc.
    • It is a free tool.


    The screenshot tools mentioned above offer a variety of powerful functionalities. You can edit your recordings, add effects and text, and share them on various platforms.

    Choosing the right screenshot tool is important for anyone who needs to take screenshots or record screens regularly. While picking a screenshot tool, you need to check out its features and ensure if it suits your budget well.

    Do let us know your favorite screenshot tool via the comments section.

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