10 Best VPN for Android

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10 Best VPN for Android

Srijani Ghosh
Last updated on June 10, 2022

    Android is a spectacular mobile operating system globally. It is a heaven for both developers and users due to its unlimited features on the devices. Android is an open-source platform used by numerous mobile devices companies and in other gadgets. However, Android is prone to hacking attacks quite often nowadays. Thus, it could compromise the user’s data and identity. Yet many users thought about VPN for Android to secure their system and personal data. Moreover, VPN on Android could also unblock government-restricted websites and content. You can also hide or change your location with a good Android VPN. The Google Play Store is filled with numerous VPN for Android. However, not all VPN are made to protect your security. Thus, your search for the best Android VPN ends here. Here you will find the best VPN for Android in terms of safety and usability.

    10 BestVPN for Android

    1. NordVPN

    NordVPN has marked its place as the number one VPN in Windows, Mac, and Android devices. With 10+ million downloads in the Play Store, NordVPN is known for its easy-to-use and encrypted security features. With more than 5000 servers from 60 countries in the world, it offers optimized security to users. NordVPN creates a P2P tunnel to split data in packets; thus, this encrypted data is secure and not accessible by anyone.


    • Users can connect six devices simultaneously.
    • It offers 60 Mbps speed.
    • It also blocks unwanted malware and ads.

    Protocols Available on Android NordVPN uses OpenVPN, IKEv2, TCP, UDP, and WireGuard to provide the maximum encrypted data transfer on Android devices. Android Integration NordVPN has a dedicated client app available, and you can download and install it manually. Android Requirements To install the NordVPN application, your device must have at least an Android 6.0 and above version. Unblocks Streaming Platforms With its 5000+ servers worldwide, you can unblock every streaming platform like Disney +, Hulu, HBO Max, Netflix, and ESPN. It also bypasses blocked websites. Money-Back Guarantee You can avail 30 days money-back policy from the subscription date if you are not satisfied with any service of NordVPN. Live Support Live chat support is available 24/7 for issues related to NordVPN and its services.

    Final Verdict

    NordVPN is amongst the best VPN for Android. It offers maximum security with high-end encrypted features. You can hide or change your location, identity while surfing on the Internet.

    2. ExpressVPN

    The all-rounder ExpressVPN is the most popular VPN for Android users. This Android application is easy to use with every required feature. You can connect via thousands of servers from over 94 countries and 160 cities around the world. It also utilizes the symmetric encryption technique to encrypt the data to protect it from online threats.


    • It enables the connection of 5 devices on a single account.
    • It also blocks unwanted ads.
    • With an added Kill switch.

    Protocols Available on Android For Android, ExpressVPN uses the IKEv2, an integrated protocol for better security performance. Android Integration It has a dedicated client application for easy-to-use features. Android Requirements ExpressVPN runs on devices with Android 11, 10, 8, 7, and 6 versions. Unblocks Streaming Platforms You can enjoy almost every popular streaming website such as Hulu, Disney +, Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, and it also unblocks the restricted websites. Money-Back Guarantee ExpressVPN has a 30-day refund policy in case of an unsatisfactory experience. You can claim a 100% refund without any questions asked. Live Support Live support with the technical team is available 24/7. Thus, you can contact customer care and solve any of your issues.

    Final Verdict

    ExpressVPN is the reliable, easy-to-use, and best security provider for Android. Its highly-secure encryption process wouldn’t allow your Internet service provider or hacker to leak data. Thus, you can enjoy hiding your identity and surf freely for just $5.95 for six months, $99.95 annually, and $12.95 for a month.

    3. Surfshark VPN

    Surfshark VPN is the first choice for many according to its plans. However, Surfshark has an encryption cypher algorithm for Android applications that encrypt its data transfer on the device. Moreover, it has more than 3200 servers from 65 countries to offer location-restricted access to the users.


    • It has almost 1+ million downloads on the Play Store.
    • Users can connect unlimited devices over a single account.
    • It comes with a split tunnel method for encryption.

    Protocols Available on Android For Android devices, Surfshark utilizes the IKEv2, WireGuard, and OpenVPN protocols for maximum security of users’ data. Android Integration You can get a native client application of Surfshark. Android Requirements Surfshark VPN runs on devices with at least Android 5.0 and above. Unblocks Streaming Platforms Surfshark gives access to over 3000 servers from different locations. Thus, it also unblocks all major streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney +, HBO Max, Prime Videos, and Hulu. It also bypasses restricted websites. Money-Back Guarantee If you wish to end your premium plan within 30 days from the subscription date, you will get a 100% refund without any questions asked. Live Support Surfshark offers 24/7 live chat support for users to interact with customer care and solve queries. You can also contact customers via email.

    Final Verdict

    Surfshark provides the freedom to connect from more than 3200 servers to choose high-speed connectivity. Thus, you can browse the Internet securely without any online threat. It also encrypts your data to be accessed by a hacker or ISP. You can enjoy all these services for just $12.95 for a month and $59.76 annually.

    4. Private Internet Access

    Private Internet Access (PIA) comes with integrated and latest applications for Android devices. Features like favorite list, sleep, questions, and kill switch are pretty handy and helpful features. Users can access the 29,300 servers in 78 countries with unlimited data speed. Moreover, PIA’s military-grade encryption offers a secure environment for devices.


    • It has a kill switch feature.
    • Users can connect ten devices over a single account.

    Protocols Available on Android In the Android platform, Private Internet Access utilizes the OpenVPN and L2TP protocols for encrypting the user’s data. Android Integration The native client application is available to download and install easily. Android Requirements Users with devices running Android above 6.0 can easily use the PIA application. Unblocks Streaming Platforms You can easily access streaming platforms like HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, and bypass blocked websites’ restrictions. Money-Back Guarantee Private Internet Access VPN also offers a 30 days money-back plan if the users are not enjoying any of the services. Live Support You can access the live support 24/7 feature throughout the year to interact with the customer support team.

    Final Verdict

    You must not want to ignore the VPN with server counts of 29,300 with high-speed connections. Although, Private Internet Access enables you to surf securely online with fully encrypted data transmission to portrait your security. You can use plans from $9.95 for a month to $39.95 for one year.

    5. Hotspot Shield VPN

    With a 4.11 rating on Google Play Store, Hotspot Shield VPN is winning hearts with its handy and straightforward UI to use. You can experience a connection speed of up to 400 Mbps on devices. Hotspot Shield has around 1800 servers in 80 countries to provide freedom of choice to users. It uses the AES-256 bit encryption protocol to secure the data transfer online.


    • It has an inbuilt adware and malware blocker.
    • You can add up to five devices simultaneously.

    Protocols Available on Android For maximum security and connection speed, Hotspot Shield utilizes the Hydra protocol on devices. Android Integration Users can easily use the native client app of Hotspot Shield VPN. Android Requirements Hotspot Shield VPN has well-optimized applications for devices running on Android 6.0 and above. Unblocks Streaming Platforms With the diversity of locations and servers, Hotspot Shield unblocks the platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney +, and ESPN. Money-Back Guarantee Hotspot Shield offers a 45 days money back policy from the date of subscription. If you are not satisfied, you can claim a refund. Live Support A 24/7 live support feature is there to solve users' queries related to any issues. Or you can also contact customer support via email.

    Final Verdict

    Hotspot Shield is the best choice for Android users, as it has a very simplistic and user-friendly user interface. Additionally, it uses advanced encryption protocols for security. You can enjoy access to various torrent and restricted websites for just $9.99 for a month and $7.99 monthly for an annual plan.

    6. IPVanish

    Further, in the list is IPVanish VPN. It is a long-standing VPN with a powerful Android application. With the military-grade protection and Socks5 encryption, it secures the data perfectly. Moreover, users can connect from 75 countries with 1500 servers.


    • You can watch geo-restricted content.
    • A single account can be used on ten devices.
    • Multi-platform protection is an advanced feature.

    Protocols Available on Android IPVanish uses the IPSec, L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN protocols to offer maximum security for the Android platform. Android Integration IPVanish has a native client application to download and install. Android Requirements The devices running on Android 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, and 9.0 versions can install the application. Unblocks Streaming Platforms IPVanish allows access to platforms like Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, ESPN, and HBO Max. You can also unblock torrent websites. Money-Back Guarantee Unsatisfied customers can claim a 100% refund 30 days from the subscription date, but only for a two-year plan. Live Support It doesn't have a live support feature, yet users can reach the customer care team via email to solve their issues.

    Final Verdict

    In short, IPVanish is the perfect VPN for Android users in terms of security and usability. You can easily hide your identity or change your location from available servers. It could be an ideal option for users who want to surf the Internet without compromising their security and personal data. You can enjoy its services for just $10.99 for a monthly plan and $89.99 for a yearly.

    7. PrivateVPN

    PrivateVPN is one of the reliable and secure VPN for Android devices. You can get the fastest connections without a lag while browsing, playing games, and accessing torrents. Additionally, it has 200 servers from 60 countries over the globe. The military-grade encryption protection offers the highest security to users. PrivateVPN also protects the DNS/IP leaks.


    • You can connect six devices with a single account.
    • It comes with a kill switch for device protections.
    • You can experience 21.17 Mbps speed.

    Protocols Available on Android In Android devices, PrivateVPN utilizes the OpenVPN, UDP/TCP, L2TP, IPSec, and IKEv2 protocols with the fully encrypted data transfer of the user. Android Integration You can access the native client application on the device. Android Requirements PrivateVPN’s application works perfectly on devices with Android 5 and above versions. Unblocks Streaming Platforms With the private VPN, you can access the platforms like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Max, YouTube TV, and Amazon Prime Video. Money-Back Guarantee Users can claim a full refund within 30 days from the subscription data if unsatisfied with the services. Live Support PrivateVPN has a live chat option for users to chat with the customer support team regarding any issues. Moreover, email is another option to solve your queries.

    Final Verdict

    Overall, the PrivateVPN is proved to be the best secure and functional VPN for Android users. With the high-end encryption of data, it offers an entirely safe environment to surf online. Moreover, you can easily hide your identity and can unblock numerous blocked platforms. The plans start from $7.99 monthly for one year and $4.99 monthly.

    8. VyprVPN

    VyprVPN is known for its high-end encryption protocol and DNS and IP leakage protection. VyprVPN has well-optimized apps for Android devices. You can access from 700 servers in 70 countries with high-speed connections. With its AES-256-bit encryption security, you can browse the Internet, play games, and explore torrents without any security issues.


    • It allows 30 devices to connect simultaneously.
    • A kill switch is provided for the device’s apps.
    • The highest speed could be 44 Mbps.

    Protocols Available on Android VyprVPN uses the AES-256-bit CBC protocols to provide maximum security. Android Integration A native client application is available to use manually. Android Requirements The devices with Android 7, 8, 9, and 10 versions can use the application ideally. Unblocks Streaming Platforms Streaming platforms like Disney +, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, ESPN, and Prime Videos are accessible with this VPN. Torrent websites are also accessible. Money-Back Guarantee VyprVPN has a 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the services. Live Support For customer care support, users can contact via the email address provided on the website. There is no live support available.

    Final Verdict

    In Conclusion, VyprVPN is an ideal option if you use an Android device and want to experience high-speed Internet access. It comes with encrypted systems to protect your sensitive data and hide your location as well. You can enjoy all these services for just $60.99 for a yearly plan.

    9. HMA VPN Access

    HMA has special servers for high-speed streaming channels and browsing torrents on Android devices. You can connect from 1,080 servers located in 210 countries to unblock your personalized contents anywhere. It also protects your DNS and IP from leakage. The ultra-secure 256-bit encryption protects your data.


    • Five connections over a single account are accessible.
    • It offers around 40 Mbps speed.

    Protocols Available on Android HMA VPN utilizes the OpenVPN-TCP for Android devices. This offers fully encrypted and secure connections. Android Integration HMA VPN has a dedicated native client application. Android Requirements You can use it on devices with Android 6 and above versions. Unblocks Streaming Platforms Platforms like Netflix, Disney +, BBC, Hulu, YouTube, Prime Videos, and ESPN are accessible with HMA VPN servers. Money-Back Guarantee It offers a 30-day money-back policy, and one can also claim a 100% refund without any question asked. Live Support Live chat support is available with instant solutions to users’ issues from the technical support team.

    Final Verdict

    If you are an Android user and want to create a stable, secure, and fast VPN connection. HMA VPN could be the best option for you. You can freely explore streaming apps, torrent websites while hiding your IP and identity from your Internet service provider. The plan starts from $59.88 (yearly) to $107.64 (for three years).

    10. Atlas VPN

    Atlas VPN comes with solid end-to-end encryption protocols with AES-256-bit security. It has around 700 servers in 28 countries with global access freedom. Atlas VPN protects from data breaches with its security systems.


    • It also supports torrent websites.
    • Users can connect five devices simultaneously.
    • You can get up to 30 Mbps Internet speed.

    Protocols Available on Android The Android app of Atlas VPN uses the split tunnel encryption IPSec/IKEv2 and AES-256-bit protocols. Android Integration A native client application is available to install easily. Android Requirements You can run the Atlas VPN app on Android 7 and above versions. Unblocks Streaming Platforms Atlas VPN’s servers allow access to streaming websites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney +, and Prime Video. Money-Back Guarantee It has a 30-day full refund policy from the date of purchase. Live Support You don't get any live support feature from Atlas VPN. However, you can easily reach the customer care team via email.

    Final Verdict

    Atlas VPN could be an ideal option while considering the budget options. The high-speed server connects any location with maximum encryption security under the plan of $9.99 per month, $29.88 for a year, and $50.44 for 3 years.


    Every VPN has unique features, encryption protocols depending upon the plans and prices. However, each one is reliable enough to provide you with maximum data protection. With security, you can safely surf the Internet, play games, and access streaming platforms from any specific server. The above-mentioned VPN could also assist in hiding your identity and IP from hackers. So choose any VPN according to your requirements and stay online in the security shield.

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