10 Best VPNs For Torrenting in 2023

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10 Best VPNs For Torrenting in 2023

Srijani Ghosh
Last updated on February 8, 2023

    Accessing torrents is usually complex, as most torrent websites are restricted based on location. If you are looking for a VPN for torrenting, you must first know the value of torrenting. Torrent websites are a fantastic way to share files such as movies, software, videos, and many more. Users can share and download files from torrents easily with their servers. However, most torrenting is regarded as a gray area of the internet; as a result, users are unable to access torrents, which are typically accessed via browsers with an internet connection. To access a torrent, you need a VPN to reroute your internet traffic to another location and help access the torrent. However, many VPNs have specific features that allow them to open torrents. Yet, if you are confused and looking for the best torrenting VPN, read the article below to find tips on choosing the best VPNs for torrenting and a list of the best torrenting VPNs.

    How to Choose the Best VPN For Torrenting?

    The market is full of numerous VPNs. According to the numbers, 300 VPNs are available on the market. Are you still struggling to choose the best VPN for your torrenting requirements? In the case of torrenting, there are certain things that you need to check before using any VPN for the device. Choosing the wrong VPN could result in bad experiences regarding speed issues, server locations, or even prices. However, below you will find the essential tips that could help you select the best VPN based on your requirements:

    1. What’s your Need for a VPN?

    Initially, figure out what you need a VPN for. If you are a traveler and have to use open WiFi networks to protect your data and devices, you may want a VPN for the entire household or connect to the same VPN on multiple devices. Are you a regular streamer who loves watching movies online, accessing restricted or torrent content, and requires a high-speed VPN? After deciding your needs, mark the list with features you require daily.

    2. Look for VPNs Features.

    Every VPN comes with its specialty. It could be the fastest speed, maximum security, or encryption methods. If you want to access the geo-restricted content with a secure network connection, then a VPN with servers based in different locations and a sound encryption system will work. However, if you usually browse during the day or do office or personal work online, a VPN with the best encryption techniques and protocols should be your foremost preference.

    3. Check the Device’s Requirements.

    It is another crucial step you must figure out before using any VPN. Although most reputable VPNs include applications optimized for Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and macOS, the majority do not. Yet, not every VPN is available for all platforms. So, if you are using a Windows system and have an Android device, choose a VPN service available for both platforms.

    4. VPN with User-Friendly UI

    You don't want to use a VPN with a complicated user interface and many settings to choose from when you start it. As a result, if you are not technically savvy and have never used a VPN before, check the UI of a VPN before purchasing it. Many VPNs provide automatic setup functions, eliminating users' need to do anything.

    5. Check your Required Locations Covered.

    The number of servers and locations may vary for every VPN. Thus, if you are in a developed country and planning to move to another country, check the server locations of the VPN before selecting it. Because of its censorship policies, China locations, for example, can only be accessed by a few VPNs.In such cases, choose wisely.

    6. Choose Affordable Payment Plans and Methods.

    Payment is the most important thing when buying any VPN premium plan. Every VPN has a different plan based on its services. Currently, many VPNs accept money from cryptocurrencies or gift cards to avoid using users’ personal information. You can also find free VPN services, but you indirectly pay them via ads, unwanted popups, and less protection. It is a hazardous and hectic process. Hence, choose a VPN plan you can afford while enjoying all essential services with complete protection.

    10 VPNs For Torrenting

    The Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) that we have selected for the list are the top-rated VPNs by users. Every VPN has specialty and security features to browse torrents securely without any online threat. Thus, you can choose any VPN from below that suits your requirements.

    1. ExpressVPN

    Simply put, ExpressVPN is the best VPN available on the market. It is perfect for torrenting and offers P2P sharing for the best experience. You can enjoy torrenting with more than 3000 servers in 160 countries. You can easily use it on platforms like Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.


    • It is an offshore & anonymous VPN.
    • It has an effective kill switch.
    • All servers offer high-speed browsing speed.


    ExpressVPN utilizes the OpenVPN, IKEv2, and L2TP/IPsec protocols to hide or change your IP and identity.

    Price: You can enjoy torrenting with ExpressVPN for under $99.95 - annually, $12.95 - Monthly, and $59.98 for a six-month plan.

    You can signup here.

    2. NordVPN

    NordVPN is another best torrenting VPNs with a "no log" and DNS leak protection system. NordVPN has over 5,155 servers from different countries, allowing you to access torrent websites securely. It has a well-optimized application for Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, and macOS. The P2P support with exceptional US and UK servers gives access to almost all torrent-based platforms.


    • You can use a single account on six devices.
    • It has an integrated kill switch.
    • Its protocols allow a secure torrenting experience.


    NordVpn has the most advanced protocols like OpenVPN, AES-256-GCM, and NordLynx to provide maximum security and identity-hiding options.

    Price: You can experience torrenting with NordVPN with the plans of $ 59 for $59 monthly and $4.92 monthly for a 1-year plan.

    You can signup here.

    3. CyberGhost

    CyberGhost provides an excellent torrent experience with advanced security encryption. Thus, you can securely get access to any torrent content while hiding your IP and identity. You can connect to over 7,400 high-speed servers from 91 locations to unblock restricted torrent sites. CyberGhost is available for Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Linux.


    • With a single account, you can connect up to seven devices.
    • No unwanted ads while torrenting.
    • Integrated kill switch for device security.


    CyberGhost VPN client uses the OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2Tp/IPSec protocols for a secure torrenting experience and keeps your identity hidden.

    Price: CyberGhost VPN allows all these features and secure torrenting for just $12.99 per month or S6.39 for a six-month plan.

    You can signup here.

    4. Private Internet Access

    Private Internet Access is another of the most secure VPNs with premium features. Its military-grade protection protocol allows users to access torrent websites securely. Because PIA has 29,300 fastest servers in 78 countries, you can easily and securely unblock location-restricted torrent content. Private Internet Access is available on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS.


    • You can connect upto ten devices simultaneously.
    • You can access all torrent platforms with its encryption.
    • The kill switch offers extra security on the device.


    Private Internet Access has the most advanced protocols like OpenVPN and L2TP security. Thus, torrenting would be easy with a secure network environment.

    Price: You can enjoy the best torrenting experience with private Internet access with a plan of $39.96 for one year and $11.95 for a monthly subscription.

    You can signup here.

    5. Hotspot Shield

    Hotspot Shield is the most secure and fastest service provider in the market. It is an excellent tool for P2P and torrenting. It is marked as the fastest VPN by Ookla; thus, you can easily download, stream, and explore torrent content. Hotspot Shield has over 80 countries with over 1,800 servers globally to unblock restricted content anywhere. You can also install it on Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux.


    • No unwanted ads and malware while torrenting
    • Enjoy torrent streaming with 87 Mbps speed
    • It also unblocks China-based content


    For secure torrenting, the Hotspot shield employs 128-bit and 256-bit AES encryption with the patent-protected hydra protocol to conceal your identity and the IP address from your internet service provider.

    Price: Hotspot Shield offers premium service and high-speed torrent streaming for just $9.99 per month or S7.99 per month for an annual plan.

    You can signup here.

    6. SurfShark VPN

    In terms of speed and security while streaming torrents, SurfShark provides the best experience for users. It has a "zero logging" feature; thus, your internet activities wouldn't be saved and shared while torrenting. You can unblock the torrent content on 3,200 servers from different locations. It has a Wire Guard security shield to protect your identity from hackers and surveillance.


    • A kill switch for device security.
    • DNS leak and IP security while torrenting.
    • You can share unlimited simultaneous connections.


    SurfsharkVPN incorporates the two most secure protocols, OpenVPN and IKEv2. These protocols offer maximum security while accessing restricted content online.

    Price: SurfShark’s premium plans start at just $12.95 per month and $59.76 for two years, which is an excellent deal if you are looking for the best torrent experience.

    You can signup here.

    7. VyprVPN

    VyprVPN can easily bypass geo-blocked websites and torrent content. It has more than 700 servers in 70+ countries with a high-speed connections. The fast servers mean you can stream and download torrent content hassle-free without interruption. VyprVPN has DNS protection and an AES 256-bit protocol to provide a secure network environment with IP and identity protection.


    • You can enjoy torrenting with up to 69Mbps speed
    • It allows 30 connections simultaneously


    VyprVPN uses the KEv2, OpenVPN, wireguard, and Chameleon protocols to unblock restricted torrent websites while securing your identity online.

    Price: VyprVPN has plans for $49.95/monthly or $60/yearly to access the premium features, including torrenting. You can signup here.

    8. ProtonVPN

    ProtonVPN gives access to over 61 countries and more than 1,444 servers with high-speed torrenting experience. It has advanced security with AES-256 and 4096-bit RSA protocols to hide your IP address and browsing behavior from your ISP and government surveillance. In short, you can access torrent websites without compromising their safety.


    • You can use ten devices over a single account.
    • No ads while torrenting.
    • It has an integrated kill switch.


    To unblock geo-restricted websites, ProtonVPN uses the L2TP and IPSec protocols. It also secures your internet activity and allows safe torrenting.

    Price: ProtonVPN has a premium plan of $96 a year in which you can enjoy all the premium and fast services along with secure torrenting.

    You can signup here.

    9. PrivateVPN

    PrivateVPN is another secure and fast VPN with a safe torrenting feature. You can easily unblock any restricted torrent website from anywhere across the globe. It has 200 servers in 60 countries around the globe, which offer high-speed internet connectivity and streaming. Moreover, it has military-grade encryption with DNS leak protection. Thus, you can enjoy torrenting with a safe and secure connection. It will also hide the identity and change the IP address securely.


    • It allows six device connections simultaneously.
    • Torrenting would be fast with 21.17Mbps speed.
    • The kill switch offer device protection.


    You can securely stream and download torrent content with OpenVPN, UDP/TCP, L2TP, IPSec, and IKEv2 protocols. Thus, these protocols help to keep your network activities secure and encrypted.

    Price: You can get the premium features and security of PrivateVPN for just $7.99/month for one year and a $4.99/month plan.

    You can signup here.

    10. AtlasVPN

    AtlasVPN has strong encryption and security protocols that enable a secure torrenting experience. It is one of the most popular VPNs for torrent users. It has over 700 servers in 28 countries, providing end-to-end encryption security with the fastest speed. You can unblock restricted websites from anywhere. You can also use its P2P connection for maximum protection.


    • You can do torrenting with a 30 Mbps speed.
    • It allows five devices to connect simultaneously.
    • Unblocking torrents is its specialty.


    AtlasVPN uses the IPSec/IKEv2 and AES-256-bit encryption to access geo-restricted websites with secure data transfer.

    Price: Experience safe and fast torrenting wouldn't be a bad deal under the plan of $9.99 per month, $29.88 for a year, and $50.44 for three years.

    You can signup here.


    Overall, torrenting meets a growing need for most users to access and share a variety of content for free. However, the restrictions based on locations or by internet service providers dishearten the users sometimes. The VPNs mentioned above are the best on the list if you are looking for a safe and secure torrent experience. These VPNs provide secure network connections with hundreds of servers to access torrent and restricted content from anywhere. Thus, you can enjoy safe torrenting with these VPNs while hiding your IP and identity smartly.

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