CCTV Full Form

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CCTV Full Form

Vinay Khatri
Last updated on November 15, 2022

    CCTV Full Form: Closed Circuit Television

    CCTV Full Form is Closed Circuit Television.

    It is mostly used for surveillance purposes that’s why it’s also known as video surveillance. It comprises of video cameras which transmit signals to specific monitors so a person can observe what that CCTV is capturing. Most of the CCTV cameras often used for surveillance purposes, and they monitor areas such as banks, stores, and other areas where security is needed 24X7 hours.

    These days CCTV used normally everywhere, from the government to private institutes use CCTV cameras to provide more security. It comes very handily to fight against crime and it provides solid proof for victims. In 1927 CCTV system was developed by a Russian physicist Léon Theremin, and it was requested by the Soviets of Labor and Defense to monitor approaching visitors in the courtyard of the Moscow Kremlin.

    Uses of CCTV

    • It is used to prevent crime.
    • It provides proof from the crime scene.
    • Can be used as a body-worn, by the police and surveillance law enforcement.
    • Many cities have a CCTV camera to monitor the traffic.
    • Used in public transport to provide more security
    • In sports events.
    • Many institutes use CCTV in office.
    • Schools also use CCTV to fight against bullying and for student safety
    • These days people also use CCTV cameras in their houses.

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