CFO Full Form

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CFO Full Form

Arpa Chatterjee
Last updated on November 15, 2022

    The Chief Financial Officer is known as the CFO.

    In a company, a CFO manages all the financial activities and is assigned to the post of Senior Finance manager. All the financial and risk management tasks are performed under the Chief Financial Officer as he is the head of the accounting and finance department of a company.

    CFO Full Form

    To be a CFO, an experienced candidate is required with considerable experience in finance or related fields. With this, a background in the finance or financial field, business, and other similar fields is also highly recommended for being a CFO. For the promotion to the post of CFO, a finance manager has to work hard and maintain all the accounts and finances properly. The CEO is the head to which CFO has to report about all the activities. Some important duties of a CFO are:

    • To plan all the financial strategies of a company and execute them.
    • Overlooking all financial records.
    • Looking after the financial operations and capital structure.
    • Reporting the financial details to the CEO.
    • To plan all the strategies related to financing.
    • Giving all the financial details to the board of directors.
    • To handle the legal, tax, treasury, and investor relations departments.
    • To look after the financial strength as well as the weakness of a company in order to rectify them.

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