Full Form of INR

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Full Form of INR

Vinay Khatri
Last updated on June 22, 2022

    INR Full Form: Indian Rupee

    INR stands for Indian Rupee, and it is the current in use national currency of India. There are 100 paise in 1 Indian Rupee, though paise is not in use anymore all the transaction takes place with Indian Rupee. RBI (Reserve Bank of India), is the central bank of India which controls and regulates all the other banks which present in India, apart from managing and regulating banks RBI also manages the supply of Indian Rupee. The Indian Rupee sign is ? which is adopted by RBI in 2010, and it was designed by D. Udaya Kumar. The sign based on the Devanagari consonant "?" and the Latin letter R and the parallel line at the top of "?" represent the Indian flag and symbolize the sign of equality. Before the symbol ? Indian Rupee represented by “Rs” and “Re”.

    INR Coins & Banknotes

    Right now, we have 4 different coins and 8 Banknotes in use.

    INR Banknotes

    • ? 5 Note
    • ? 10 Note
    • ? 100 Note
    • ? 200 Note
    • ? 500 Note
    • ? 2000 Note

    INR Coins

    • ? 1
    • ? 2
    • ? 5
    • ? 10

    The Image on INR

    Each INR banknote contains the image of Mahatma Gandhi in front and some special structure at the rear.

    INR Banknote Images of Note
    ? 5 Note Mahatma Gandhi and Farmer with a tractor
    ? 10 Note Mahatma Gandhi and Sun Temple, Konark
    ? 20 Note Mahatma Gandhi and Ellora Cave
    ? 50 Note Mahatma Gandhi, and Hampi
    ? 100 Note Mahatma Gandhi, and Rani Ki Vav
    ? 200 Note Mahatma Gandhi, and Sanchi Stupa
    ? 500 Note Mahatma Gandhi, and Red Fort
    ? 2000 Note Mahatma Gandhi, and Mangalyaan

    INR Quick Summary

    INR Indian National Rupee
    Regulate by RBI
    Coins 4 coins
    Bank Note 6 Notes
    Symbol ?
    parent Paise
    100 paise 1 INR

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