IBM Full Form

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IBM Full Form

Maninder Singh
Last updated on July 25, 2022

    IBM is the abbreviated form of international business machines. It is a trusted brand in the IT sector as it deals with multinational technology and acts as a consulting organization. The CEO of this organization is Ginni Rometty. This organization has its headquarters located in New York in Armonk. The company is popular for various services that include consulting, computer hardware, software, and infrastructure. The products provided by this organization can be divided into different categories.

    These categories include IT infrastructure, data, cognitive, cloud, and analysis. Its services can be classified into mobility, networking, resiliency, security and Business services.  Along with all these services it also provides it’s customers with various business solutions along with enterprise solutions. Paul Rand designed the logo for this company. It is an 8 bar logo. The company is popularly recognized as the big blue because of its logo color as well as its products.

    Short History

    • Earlier the company was recognized as the computer tabulating recording company (CTR) by Charles Ranlett Flint in the year 1911 on June 16. Three companies named as Tabulating Machine Company, International Time Recording Company, and Computing Scale Company combined together to form this organization.
    • Later, CTR was joined by Thomas J. Watson, Sr. from National Cash Register in the year 1914.
    • CTR was renamed as IBM ( International Business Machines) in the year 1924.
    • A general-purpose electronic computer was introduced as the first computer known as the IBM701 defense calculator in 1953.
    • A programming language known as FORTRAN was developed by IBM in 1957.
    • Electric typewriter patents were bought by IBM in 1933 and they were improvised and reintroduced in 1935.
    • 305RAMAC named hard drive was the first to be introduced by IBM in 1956.
    • Floppy disks were introduced in the market that changed data saving the view in 1967
    • The first airline tickets vending kiosk was developed by IBM in 1970. This was done in collaboration with American Airlines and American express.
    • IBM 2984 was the first ATM developed by the IBM In 1972.
    • A UPC code acts as an identity of the product and its seller was introduced by IBM. In the year 1974, it was used first time in Ohio.
    • The magnetic strips present on credit and debit cards were also introduced by IBM.
    • IBM personal computer was introduced in 1981.
    • It was the second-largest US company named in 2012 in terms of its employees.

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