NASA Full Form

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NASA Full Form

Arpa Chatterjee
Last updated on August 28, 2022

    National Aeronautics and space administration which is also known as NASA is a USA based government agency. This agency works in many fields such as scientific discovery, aeronautics, space, research about Earth, etc. It was discovered on 1 October as of 1957 and was included in the USA aeronautics and space act by the president at that time named Dwight Eisenhower. This agency works in non- military-based findings, mostly research-oriented work under the heading of the science and technology department in the US which happens to be dealing in the program like space exploration and airplanes.

    NASA Full Form

    The vision is to discover and expand knowledge for the benefit of humanity, as established by the administrator of NASA Jim Bridenstine being the 13th administrator and James W. Morhard the 14th Deputy Administrator of NASA as of July 2019. Headquarters located in Washington with 10 different centers and 7 workplaces to test and study earth and space spreading over united States working in 4 separate divisions namely:

    • Aeronautics: Works in the field of aviation.
    • Human exploration and Operations: All the space-related Manning is done in this field such as launching services, space programs, communication in space, etc.
    • Science: It provides an understanding of the different concept of science and space.
    • Space Technology: Wholly devoted to space and it’s technological exploration.

    NASA is a well-founded agency and known for both manned and unmanned space flight programs.  Manned Space Programs:

    • X-15 Rocket Plane: (1959-1968)
    • Project Apollo: (1961-1972) net worth of $205 billion.
    • Apollo 11 (1969) mission became first moon landing manned spacecraft.

    Unmanned Space Programs: exploring the Earth and other planets in the solar system working as satellites

    • Explorer 1: The first US unmanned satellite.
    • Viking 1: The first successful landing on Mars in 1976.
    • Pioneer 10: First spacecraft to visit Jupiter and many more.

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