NGO Full Form

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NGO Full Form

Vinay Khatri
Last updated on June 22, 2022

    NGO Full Form: Non-Governmental OrganizatiNons

    NGO Full Form is Non-governmental Organization . As its name suggests these organizations are independent of the government. These organizations work for humanity and other social welfare, though there are many NGOs for corporations. These are also subgroups of organizations that are founded by citizens, which include clubs and other associations. Generally, NGOs raise their fund by donation, mostly rich people fund NGOs and other civil society organizations, but it is seen that the Government also fund many NGOs. Mostly volunteers and activists from across the world and nations primarily fund NGOs.

    Types of NGOs

    • Community-based Organization
    • City-Wide organizations
    • State NGOs
    • National NGOs
    • International NGOs

    Community-based organizations: These NGOs work on a small level, generally, these NGOs arise out of people’s own initiatives. City-wide Organizations: These Organizations include chambers of commerce and industry, coalitions of business, ethnic or educational groups, and associations of community organizations. State NGOs: These NGOs work at state levels, and there are many national-level NGOs that have sub-organization on the state level. National NGOs: These NGOs are active at the national level and they could also have state and city level branches. International NGOs: These NGOs are well funded, and operate on international NGOs they work on a bigger scale and with well management groups.

    Most Popular International NGOs

    • BRAC
    • Wikimedia Foundation
    • Acumen Fund
    • Danish Refugee Council
    • Ceres
    • CARE International
    • Cure Violence
    • Partners in health

    India's Most Popular NGOs are

    • Sammaan Foundation
    • Goonj
    • Smile Foundation
    • Akshaya Trust
    • Pratham
    • Udaan Welfare Foundation
    • Deepalaya
    • Uday Foundation
    • LEPRA Society
    • HelpAge India
    • Sargam Sanstha
    • Karmayog


    Organizations that are independent of the government are known as NGOs. NGO full form is Non-governmental Organization. The main of these organizations is to work for humanity and social welfare. There are different types of NGOs. Some of them include Community-based organizations, City-Wide organizations, State NGOs, National NGOs, and International NGOs. Here in this post, we have explained everything you need to know about an NGO in detail. People are also reading:

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