Best 10 RDP Software for Clients

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Best 10 RDP Software for Clients

Srijani Ghosh
Last updated on November 8, 2022

    The post-pandemic era has transformed the traditional business pattern of working at your desk in the office into working remotely. However, do you know how access to your office desktop is possible while sitting at home or traveling? If you want to solve any of your client's desktop issues without physically accessing it, how can you solve the issues? This is where Remote Desktop Protocol or RDP comes into the picture.

    Remote Desktop Software is software that allows your local computer to access the remote desktop. In simple terms, you can access your office desktop with your home PC. This accessibility allows you to open, edit, and store the files on the host desktop. It seems like you are physically sitting at the host desktop. It can be accessed from any part of the world with the condition that you pass the login and security credentials of the host desktop.

    RDP is used mainly in businesses that want to solve or troubleshoot problems from their client's desktop or work remotely. The procedure of using this software is based on the internet and not through radio waves.

    If you are looking for such software through which you can access remote desktops from your system, this article is for you. We have featured some handpicked best remote desktop software in this article so that you can choose the one that suits best for your needs.

    But before delving into our list, let us first understand how the RDP software works.

    How does RDP Software Work?

    The RDP operation isn’t complex. First, the remote desktop signals the host desktop asking for permission to connect. This signal transmission is through the internet, not radio waves.

    Next, the host desktop asks for the login credentials to check whether the user is on its list or not. It checks it through its internal validation procedure. The hosted desktop allows the user to access the information when the user logins with the correct credentials.

    This allows the user to have complete access to the host computer while sitting miles away from it. Finally, the user can store, edit, troubleshoot or run any program on the host desktop.

    What Makes an RDP Software Great?

    An RDP software helps users save time and effort by removing the need to travel to a specific location to access the host computer.

    It also helps the developers change the security settings remotely in case of an emergency, which otherwise would have required physical intervention for security. It also helps monitor the desktop and keep all the software up to date.

    If you deliver a computer to your customer, they may require technicians at first to run the applications. By using RDP software, you can save time while also providing all technical expertise and services.

    10 Best Remote Desktop Software To Use in 2022

    Here is a list of selective remote desktop software to help you access remote systems from your location and perform various operations on them.

    1. Team Viewer Desktop Tool

    Team Viewer is a cloud-based software that helps serve remote desktop services. A free version is available for this software, which you can use to experience it. It is available for Android, iOS, Linux and Windows . TeamViewer allows you to connect to PCs or mobile devices stationed anywhere in the world and operate them as if you were physically present.

    Also, it lets users offer remote technical support to their employees and users. You can even add personal branding to the support applications and enjoy mobile integrations for device management. The best part about it is that even if you have a system that is mostly unattended, you can still use it from wherever you are.

    Furthermore, it enables a black screen if you want to access it privately. It also offers remote printing for Mac and Windows devices.


    There are three different pricing options available, as follows:

    • Single User: $18.78 per month (1 session)
    • Multi-User: $38.82 per month (1 session)
    • Teams: 82.65 per month (3 sessions)

    2. Zoho Assist

    Zoho Assist is an enterprise-grade remote desktop software available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Android. It offers cloud-based technologies to support its software which helps users use desktops remotely.

    You can easily set up unmanaged devices to give authorized access to remote PCs, mobile devices, laptops, and servers with ease. It only takes a few seconds to create secure connections in order to provide remote assistance to your clients. During a live session, file sharing allows you to transmit updates, fixes, or any form of document to the remote computer system.

    SSL 256-bit AES encryption ensures total security. Additionally, the remote access software enables you to switch between any number of screens linked to the remote computer. It can also recognize active screens in use instantly.


    With Zoho Assist, you get two different options, namely Remote Support and Unattended Access.

    Remote Support

    • Standard: $5 per month
    • Professional: $7.52 per month
    • Enterprise: $12 per month

    Unattended Access

    • Standard: $5 per month
    • Professional: $7.52 per month

    3. VNC Connect Desktop Tool

    Secure remote access keeps your organization linked, allowing you to enhance productivity and create greater cooperation. VNC Connect includes enterprise-grade security to safeguard your computers from foreign threats, as well as a suite of administrative tools to offer you absolute control over access across all the systems of your organization.

    They handle every link as if it occurred in a hostile environment by default. Any inbound connection must be allowed to prevent uninvited access. To ensure complete anonymity, all sessions are end-to-end encrypted using 128-bit AES as standard.

    Moreover, they earned the PCWorld Editors' Choice Award 2022 for being inexpensive and providing the industry's broadest native OS support.


    • Device Access: $3.93 per managed device per month
    • Instant Support: $16.99 per helpdesk technician per month

    4. LogMeIn Desktop

    LogMeIn is one of the most trustworthy remote desktop software options for small and medium-sized enterprises. With a simple, straightforward design, it enables you and your employees to stay productive from anywhere. It allows you to connect to any computer in seconds using both mobile and desktop apps.

    Furthermore, you can add an unlimited number of users to expand remote access throughout your organization. It enables you to get your work done faster and more efficiently with a refined, just-right toolkit, as well as manage every password with a free LastPass license. It provides 1TB of cloud storage to allow you to swiftly and securely share data with everyone.


    You get three different options to choose from, as follows:

    • Individuals: $30 per month
    • Power Users: $70 per month
    • Small Businesses: $129 per month

    5. Remote Desktop Manager

    Remote Desktop Manager is a program that combines a wide range of features and controllers to satisfy the demands of any IT organization. Its purpose is to centralize remote connection solutions and credentials, as well as to secure access to these services.

    The majority of connections are made with the help of an independent library or third-party program. Individual users who do not need to disclose remote connections or privileged credentials with other IT experts should consider using it.

    It is also appropriate for MSPs (Managed Service Providers), IT experts, and helpdesk specialists who need to share remote access and protected passwords with other people in their organization.


    There are two editions available:

    • Free: Free forever
    • Enterprise: Contact sales

    6. GoToMyPC

    Built to the best performance and security standards, with GoToMyPC, you can be sure that your work is always safe. You can effortlessly transfer files across computers - no need to email things to yourself. It has banking-grade 256-bit AES encryption, dual passwords, multi-factor authentication, and host access codes to keep you safe.

    It helps users connect in seconds and experience the most dependable in-session speed available with Real-Time Diagnostics, providing constant insight into your connectivity status. With in-dashboard fix solutions, it enables you to resolve typical connectivity difficulties caused by your computer's Internet / WiFi , hardware, or RAM on your own.


    GoToMyPC provides three different pricing options:

    • Personal: $35 per computer per month
    • Pro: $33 per computer per month
    • Corporate: $28 per computer per month

    7. SplashTop

    Hybrid teams collaborate not just from different places, but also on device types. Splashtop allows you to remotely access these gadgets because it can connect to almost any sort of device (iOS, Chromebook, Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android).

    This means that your employees can establish a remote connection irrespective of the device they're using. It provides advanced control options such as copy and paste, file transfer, and remote print controls. In addition, it provides conventional security features like 256-bit AES encryption and two-factor authentication.

    You can easily transfer data across devices, remotely activate and reboot them, talk with anyone, and navigate across many screens at the same time. While these are fairly normal capabilities in the remote access industry, Splashtop also enables two individuals to remote access one computer at the same time.


    SplashTop has the following pricing options available:

    Business and Individuals

    • Business Access Solo: $5 per user per month
    • Business Access Pro: $8.25 per user per month
    • Business Access Pro Volume Licenses: $6.19 per user per month

    IT, Support, and Helpdesk

    • SOS: $17 per month
    • SOS+10: $19 per month
    • SOS Unlimited: $34 per month
    • Splashtop Enterprise: Contact sales


    • Monitoring360 Pro: $29.99 per teacher per month
    • Classroom Cloud: $29.99 per teacher per month
    • Splashtop Enterprise: Contact sales

    8. ISL Online

    ISL Online is a simple remote desktop software designed for security-conscious consumers. It has an excellent price-performance ratio. It is a strong solution that assists IT professionals and support technicians in remotely resolving problems, whether through unsupervised access, helpdesk, or screen-sharing on portable devices.

    It is cross-platform that offers all conventional remote access functions and 256-bit end-to-end encryption. Some key extras it provides are reporting, live chat, session recording, video call, file transfer, multi-monitor support, and many more. Users have the option of using cloud or on-premise services.

    The number of workstations, users, and clients supported by your ISL is unlimited. It is a dependable and safe software that is used in various governmental institutions, industrial sectors, hospitals, banks, and insurance companies.


    There are four pricing plans, as follows:

    • Pay per Use: $145 per 500 min per year
    • Professional: $469 per license per year
    • Server: $469 per license per year
    • Enterprise: Contact sales

    9. RemotePC

    RemotePC offers users remote access and control via an intuitive interface. You'll have rapid and safe access to your work PC from any gadget or web browser, whether you're working remotely on a home computer or just need to access a document while traveling. Without the assistance of an IT professional, RemotePC is simple to install and use.

    It offers a powerful customer assistance tool. The Help Desk plan, which comes standard with the higher-tier Team and Enterprise subscriptions, enables an infinite number of specialists to give tech assistance to any client, anywhere.


    You get four different plans to choose from:

    • Consumer: $14.62 per year (1 license, 1 computer) $29.62 per year (1 license, 2 computers)
    • SOHO: $59.62 per year (Unlimited use licenses, 10 computers)
    • Team: $224.62 per year (Unlimited use licenses, 50 computers)
    • Enterprise: $449.62 per year (Unlimited use licenses, 100 computers)

    10. NinjaOne

    NinjaOne is a well-known integrated IT management solution that assists IT teams in operating more efficiently. NinjaOne allows MSPs and IT teams to manage, automate, and address all of their terminal management tasks from a single, rapid, modern, and user-friendly system, enhancing technician efficiency and user satisfaction.

    NinjaRMM streamlines and automates managed service providers' and IT professionals' day-to-day operations, allowing them to focus on sophisticated, value-added services, end-user relationships, and strategic expansion. It is a robust, user-friendly remote monitoring and management platform that delivers a unified picture of all your endpoints as well as the tools you truly need to optimize delivery.


    Contact sales.

    Wrapping Up

    RDP software is probably among the most appreciated tools by businesses, especially in the post-Covid era. Moreover, these tools have made life easier for customer service companies, which would have otherwise found it extremely difficult to physically travel to a desktop to service it.

    All of the software mentioned in this article are amazing and are guaranteed to offer you the best tools. Is there an RDP software that you think stands out for you? Let us know via the comments.

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