TCP Full Form

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TCP Full Form

Vinay Khatri
Last updated on June 9, 2022

    TCP Full Form: Transmission Control Protocol

    TCP Full Form is Transmission Control Protocol.

    What is TCP?

    It is one of the Important Internet protocols. It is the most used and common protocol we used on the internet. Whenever we want a computer to communicate with another computer the communication between those two computers needs to be robust and reliable so the data sent from one computer reaches another computer completely and in a correct format without any distortion or missing data. So, if we want the data to reach the receiver computer without any distortion, we have to use TCP which makes sure that the reviver receives all the data completely and in order. There are other protocols that can also transmit data from the source computer to the receiver computer, in those protocols, there is a possibility that during transmission some of the data may get lost which can cause an error in the complete file. Working Mechanism of TCP TCP is a Connection-Oriented protocol which means it set sessions between two computers and the data do not transmit until all the sessions get acknowledge by the source and receiver. TCP uses three-way handshake communication before transmitting data from one computer to another, in this communication, the sender will send a message to the receiver, then receiver acknowledges the message and send back an Acknowledge message, at last, the sender acknowledges the Acknowledge message of sender then only the flow of transmitting data take place.

    TCP Quick Summary:

    • Stands for Transmission Control Protocol
    • Used to share data over the internet
    • Divide data into small packets.
    • It set the connection between the sender and the receiver.
    • It set a session between the sender and receiver to make the connection secure.

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