URL Full Form

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URL Full Form

Arpa Chatterjee
Last updated on November 15, 2022

    URL is the abbreviated form of Uniform Resource Locator. Anything i.e. a file or a webpage that is present on the internet has an address. This address is a URL. In cases where HTTP prefix is applied in front of this address, ss it becomes a web address. Tim Berner Lee is credited for URL creation in the year 1994. A character string type that is used to detect any address on the world wide web is this URL. This is therefore also called Uniform Resource Locator.

    URL Full Form

    The URL has the following parts:

    • A kind of name called scheme name or a protocol
    • Two slashes and a colon
    • A domain name representing the host or the actual IP address.
    • A port number is written after the colon
    • Resource and it’s the complete path.

    The URL of any page appears on the top of the page in the address bar. For example Therefore, the given URL contains the following parts:

    • A protocol such as Http
    • A host such as SEO tools which can also be called as domain
    • The path or area of the source.

    The URL can be manually searched by typing it in the address bar present at the top of the page. If there are errors in the address they appear as follows:  For a server error, the representation by the browser is that “Server not Found”. In case the URL path is incorrect the error is displayed as “404 Error”. The URL address is typed in such a way that it contains no spaces. To separate words from each other it needs underscores. For forwarding Direction forward slashes are used.

    About the URI

    URI is abbreviated as a uniform resource identifier.  It is a term which is generally used to depict all the address and names present on the worldwide web. URI, therefore, is nothing but a sequence made of characters that can locate any file, name or location on the web in a uniform format. A URI is of two types i.e. a URL and URN. URL is a uniform resource locator whereas URN is uniform resource names. The main function of both is to allow any web address to be accessed by any computer on the world wide web. People are also reading:

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