BPO Full Form

By | October 5, 2021
BPO Full Form

BPO stands for Business process outsourcing. Many non-core tasks of a company are performed on the contact basis given to an outside service or business provider. This is done with the help of BPO. It is a cost-saving measure that helps the company to focus on important tasks. 

BPO Full Form

Majorly the BPO services are divided into two categories that are back source servicing and front source servicing. The front end services provided may include customer care and technical support. The back end services may include manufacturing, accounting, data entry, and human resource work.

Choices in BPO

There are three major choices available in BPO

  • Onshore outsourcing: When the BPO services are provided by a domestic source located within the same country.
  • Near source outsourcing: When the BPO services are obtained from a country that is located in the neighborhood.
  • Offshore outsourcing: When the BPO services are obtained from a completely different company located in a different nation far from the neighbor.

Outsourcing Requirements

The major need of outsourcing lies in the fact that it reduces the cost of various functions a company has to perform considerably. This gives companies an edge to work better on core functions.

Some of the benefits provided by BPO are:

  • It reduces the overall cost
  • Helps the company focus on core functioning
  • Gives an outside expertise
  • Helps in increased flexibility
  • The overall increase in revenue

Difference between BPO and Call center

BPO is an outsourced company looking after any non-important yet necessary tasks of an organization leading in cost reduction in tasks performed of the company. The call center, however, is the core part of the organization looking after telephone services and complaint solving.

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