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Best REST API Interview Questions and Answers

We interact and communicate with people using body gestures, facial expressions, and different languages. Thus, we can express and share our ideas easily with others. But what about the communication among various software programs installed on computers and smart devices? They do not use any facial expressions or body gestures to interact with us or with one another.… Read More »

Why API are Used in Cloud Services

With continuous growth in Cloud Computing Services many organizations shifting the development and deployment of their online projects to Cloud and adapting its features. Right now cloud services have become the epicentre for managing the data across the globe, from a single customer to the Organization with thousands of employee somehow depend on the Cloud services for the… Read More »

What is an API?

This topic becomes so confusing because most of the time when we say API’s we narrow our concepts and only consider the web API’s that we often use in web development, but web API’s are the part of its family and apart from web development there are many areas where we use them. Here in this article, we… Read More »

API Full Form

What is API?   Application Programming Interface – Definition API Full Form: API is an abbreviated form for application program interference. A request is placed on an operating system using API in case of an application program. The work is performed by the programmer. Anyone of the two types of interference is used such as graphical user interference or… Read More »