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Regex Cheat Sheet

When it comes to extracting information or pattern from a string, we use regular expressions. In a regular expression, we use the ASCII code to perform the matching string operation. Many form validation operations are made by using regular expressions. When a user enters some information, at the same time, the form validates that data using a regular… Read More »

Git Cheat Sheet

If you have ever worked in web development or in any Software development, then you must have heard of Git, or most probably you have used or using git because it is one of the best version control systems we have. The website GitHub use git version control as its brain. Git provides the best way to manage… Read More »

SQL Cheat Sheet

A database is a collection of data In the database, we collect data in an organized way. Database that store data in tables known as Relational DataBase. SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is used to create, update, retrieve and delete a database.

Java Cheat Sheet

Java is among the best programming languages. It is a powerful and flexible programming language that has a wide range of applications. Here, with this Java cheat sheet, we aim to deliver a comprehensive Java reference. Since this Java cheat sheet is going to be a long article covering a wide array of Java topics, it’s good to… Read More »

Python Cheat Sheet

Python is a multi-paradigm general-purpose, object-oriented programming language It is a cross-platform programming language so code python file written in one system can be run same on different systems. Easy to learn. Simple Syntax and akin to pseudocode. Automatic Garbage Collection. It is an open-source programming language.

HTML Cheat Sheet

HTML stands for Hypertext markup language. It is a Standard Markup Language for WWW. All the web pages displayed on the screen are made up of HTML. It contains many tags and all tags have their functionality. The tag defines the nature of the contents.